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The new national standard for faucets is introduced

With economic development, in recent years, the voice of low-carbon and environmental protection in sanitary wares has become higher and higher. The compulsory national standard of “Ceramic Sheet Sealing Faucet” (GB18145-2014) will be implemented on December 1, 2014. Known by the industry as the “new national standard for the most stringent in history”, the introduction of the sanitary ware industry invisibly puts on a curse.

New national currency becomes a tool for sanitary ware companies to eliminate

At present, the most stringent regulations in the world are the United States’ regulations on 23 metal pollutants, while my country’s 17 types, Australia’s 12 types, and the UK’s 11 types. However, many countries in Northern Europe have The standards for faucets are very relaxed, only stipulating the amount of contaminated metals in two or three weeks. Therefore, my country’s national standards are relatively strict in the world, second only to the United States, but much higher than other countries. The reason for the emergence of such a strict national standard is not unrelated to the faucet turmoil last year, because the faucet turmoil caused consumers to feel very dissatisfied with the faucet market situation. In order to eliminate the impact of faucets, the relevant state departments have also introduced the most stringent faucet standards in history. Weaken this influence. Therefore, it is also very normal that the government will eventually collapse in groups, so the new national standard is also called a tool for the elimination of enterprises, which is used to determine the survival of enterprises in the market.


The new national standard will push the industry to reshuffle

With the introduction and implementation of industry standards, the faucet industry will be reshuffled soon. An industry insider bluntly said that the implementation of the new national standard is most beneficial to the production of large-scale faucets. Most of the faucets they produce are going international, and production equipment and inspection equipment have long been updated. Such enterprises only account for about 30% of the industry. There are still some enterprises in the process of upgrading. Such enterprises currently account for about 40%. The remaining 30% of small and medium-sized enterprises cannot keep up with their financial resources and logistics. They can only encounter the fate of being annexed. Only companies with strong strength and foresight will remain invincible.

Experts said that the cause of repeated prohibitions on poison faucets is mainly related to the lack of industry standards. Some manufacturers use loopholes in the law to scratch the edge and produce inferior products.

This has led to chaos in the faucet industry, with low industry thresholds and less investment in faucet production equipment. Many small workshops can produce faucets, and their safety is not guaranteed. The lack of relevant production standards and clear and independent legal provisions are important reasons. According to analysis by industry insiders, the new national standard has been introduced, and it is now in the trial operation and buffer stage. It may eliminate 30% of backward small and medium-sized enterprises in the market. We hope that through the vigorous rectification of the regulatory authorities, the poisonous taps will be “extinct” from now on. Eliminate unhealthy trends in the industry, create a healthy faucet market, and provide consumers with a strong guarantee for healthy and safe faucets.



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