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Three thoughts on the new national standard of faucet

On December 1, the new national standard was officially implemented. Since the implementation timetable of the new national standard was released in the middle of this year, the quality control departments and production departments of all large and small enterprises should be busy. Large companies are busy adjusting production, and small companies may also be thinking about their own ways of survival. At the event site on the 1st, a guest speaker summarized the implementation of the new national standard: “The new national standard not only makes consumers more comfortable with water, but for companies, after strict implementation, it can also improve their brand competitiveness in the market. .”

The implementation of the new national standard not only affects production and manufacturing, but also market considerations. So let’s talk about three points that industry professionals should think about during the implementation of the new national standard. Since the implementation of the new national standard triggered by the “lead incident” exposed in 2013, on December 1, this was not the end of an event, but a beginning. The incident is still fermenting in the industry.

Three thoughts on the new national standard of faucet

Three thoughts on the new national standard of faucet

According to the author’s understanding, although the new national standard was launched this time, although the incident spanned more than a year, it was regarded as a relatively quick response from the previous standard setting experience. Behind this is actually the thinking of industry professionals with forward thinking. The Sanlu milk powder incident, which was once a sensation in China, made people lose confidence in domestic milk powder, which in turn triggered a boom in Hong Kong milk powder purchases and overseas milk powder purchases. The individual behavior of certain companies may be extremely destructive for an industry. Once consumers’ perceptions change and they lose confidence in domestic faucets, for an industry, it is more than just adjustments to the new national standard.

Now is an era of extremely advanced information. In the past, many unspoken rules of the industry may not be known by ordinary consumers, so they have become unspoken rules that have been passed down, but this kind of habituality, in today’s era of information transparency, requires a price. Therefore, there are no companies with a fluke mentality, and for companies with continuous improvement in quality, can they still calmly respond to industry upgrades and industry standards.

The above is the industry’s thinking, so this time the sanitary ware industry is united and responded quickly to the new national standard.

However, from the perspective of the implementation time of this new national standard, the national law stipulates that the implementation time of the mandatory standard is about half a year. For some companies that rarely export to North America, Australia, the United Kingdom and other countries that are more concerned about heavy metals. In other words, or in terms of domestic-sale sanitary ware companies, the six-month adjustment period for the implementation of the new national standard is painful. From the actual production adjustment point of view, time is not enough. Therefore, it is inevitable that lead-washing technology should be used by more companies in order to make products meet the standards in a short time.

Only by returning to the above point of view and focusing on quality improvement can you live more calmly. In the publicity and media attention of Chinese sanitary ware companies, they tend to place more emphasis on visible product highlights, such as product appearance, function enhancement, and innovative material application. For ordinary consumers, they are actually focused on quality. Design and control are often overlooked in comparison. Therefore, the author wants to sound the alarm here. The content of professional technology may not be easy for consumers to understand, but the information about the vital interests of each consumer is spread very quickly. Therefore, it fails to meet the requirements of the new national standard. Enterprises should hurry up and catch up with production.

The new national standards for taps have come out, where are the national standards for pipelines?

The faucet, or faucet, is the whole drinking water quality and the first part of human beings. If the production of the faucet has been increased, but the water in the pipeline has been contaminated or the heavy metal exceeds the standard, then even if the consumer replaces it The low-lead faucet, after the epidemic, the water quality is still not guaranteed. What should I do?

The sanitary ware industry is actually a comprehensive industry, in which there are many single product categories, and the production industry chain is also very wide. In the concept of healthy drinking water, we have already had a new national standard for faucets. We look forward to more relevant ones that can ensure healthy drinking water. National standards have been issued one after another, so that consumers can drink water with confidence under the protection of perfect rules and standards.



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