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Tracking: The “hidden rules” of home appliance after-sales service

It is said that every industry has some unknown “hidden rules”. As a home appliance industry with high market demand, it is no exception. Recently, in the Meishan area of Sichuan, the consumer property was damaged due to the burst of the tap. Consumers recovered the loss of 7,000 yuan and unveiled the industry “hidden rules” for making huge profits in home appliance after-sales service.

On March 27 this year, the branch directly under the Meishan Consumer Council received a complaint from Ms. Zuo. In July last year, she bought a fully automatic washing machine in an electrical appliance store in Meishan. On the same day, the after-sales personnel of the electrical appliance store came to install it. During the installation process, the after-sales personnel recommended that Ms. Zuo used a certain brand of faucet because the original faucet was not matched with the washing machine and needed a special faucet. At 6 o’clock in the morning on March 20 this year, the faucet of the washing machine in Ms. Zuo’s house suddenly burst, causing the living room and two bedrooms to be flooded for more than two hours. As a result, more than 50 square meters of wooden floors were scrapped, and four wooden cabinets and multiple wooden doors were damaged. , The direct economic loss is about 10,000 yuan.

At the mediation meeting hosted by the subcommittee directly under the Consumer Council of Meishan City, electrical shopping malls, electrical maintenance companies, installers, faucet distributors, and consumers all argued and disputed. The shopping mall believes that it has entrusted an electrical maintenance company to perform the installation and should not be held responsible; the electrical maintenance company believes that it is the installer’s personal behavior; the installer believes that the quality of the faucet is defective, and the faucet distributor should be responsible; the faucet distributor believes that the faucet is not The washing machine can only be used as ordinary water, and the instructions for use clearly require that the faucet should be turned off at any time. Consumers who fail to follow the instructions are the direct cause of the burst, so they are not responsible.

The sub-committee directly under the Consumer Council of Meishan City believes that after the mall sells the goods, there are ancillary obligations such as installation and after-sales. Even if the mall entrusts this obligation to a third party, consumers can still require the mall to assume responsibility after a problem occurs in the after-sales service. After the compensation is paid by the mall, the compensation will be recovered from a third party.

In this case, the electrical maintenance company is obliged to provide services to consumers after accepting the commission. During the period of on-site service assigned by the company, the installer sells goods directly related to the service provided to consumers, which is a business activity, and the legal consequences arising therefrom should be borne by the company and should bear the main responsibility in this case.

In addition, in order to maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with the installer, the faucet supplier, knowing that the faucet should not be used as a special faucet for washing machines, did not require the installer to make true explanations and clear warnings to consumers. responsibility.

After mediation, it was finally reached that the electrical maintenance company, the installation worker, and the faucet supplier jointly bear the consumer’s 7,000 yuan (depreciation) compensation liability. During the mediation process, the mediator found that some home appliance after-sales service providers or installers often use various reasons to sell accessories to consumers when providing after-sales services. Such situations have almost become unspoken rules of the industry. In this case, the installer bought the faucet from an individual merchant at a price of 15 yuan, and then sold it to consumers at a price of 80 yuan, obtaining a huge profit more than four times the original price. The sales account details indicate that the installer and this individual merchant belong to a long-term cooperative relationship.



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