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VIGA faucet sincerely invites you to participate in the BATIMAT.

First, the exhibition profile:

Since its inception in 1959, BATIMAT has been held every two years. Its scale has been expanding and its influence has spread to the whole world. The exhibition has been continuously improved

by becoming an innovator in the construction field. It has now developed into the world’s largest exhibition of building materials and equipment. Concurrent with BATIMAT, the Paris International

Heating, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, New Energy and Home Electrical Exhibition (INTERCLIMA+ELEC) and the French International Bathroom Exhibition (IDEO BAIN). Bring the entire

building field together. The show will be an unprecedented event that will provide viewers with solutions, technologies and materials that cover the entire field and are unmatched by any event in

the world.

BATIMAT 2017 once again created a new audience record. The total number of visitors to the three exhibitions reached 319,215 and the total number of exhibitors was 2,362. The exhibition is

dedicated to training, exhibitions and sharing experiences. It is open to everyone and provides an excellent opportunity for all industry participants. Business development opportunities. Each

company can get an average of 300 business cards. In the audience, 20% is an international audience outside France. In 2016, the French construction industry showed signs of steady recovery. In

2015, the government issued 398,200 building permits (from the end of February 2015 to February 2016), an increase of +7.7%.

In 2015, 351,200 new construction projects started, showing a significant sustained recovery of +2.5%. From December 2015 to February 2016, residential construction projects increased by 3.6%

year-on-year. In 2014 and 2015, construction and renovation construction activities are expected to decrease by 3%, while FFB forecasts show that this amount is positively increasing in 2016 and

2017 and is expected to increase to +0.9%.

Second, the last exhibition review:

Exhibition area: 300,000 square meters.

Number of exhibitors: 2,362 exhibitors, of which 43% are domestic exhibitors and 57% are international exhibitors. There are 536 structural engineering main engineering enterprises, 424 doors

and windows enterprises, 359 construction materials and tools, 117 core information technology, 197 indoor and outdoor decoration, and 113 organic materials. 45% of them are international


Number of visitors: 319,215; 65,745 international visitors; 253,470 French visitors; 57,499 trade distributors; 50,526 manufacturers. Exhibitor Satisfaction: 88% of exhibitors indicated that they

will participate in the next BATIMAT.

There are 214 companies exhibiting in China, totaling 2,766 square meters.


Third, the scope of participation:

The exhibition will be divided into parts according to the exhibits, which are mainly divided into: doors and windows and hardware No. 6 hall, main engineering hall No. 5A, indoor and outdoor

decoration hall 4, hardware tools scaffolding engineering vehicles and equipment, construction tools and equipment 5B, bathroom (No. 3 Hall), HVAC (Hall 1, 2).

Building materials: trusses, photovoltaic solar energy, structural components, roofing, waterproofing materials, thermal insulation materials, main structural materials and components, water

treatment systems, drainage systems; partitions, ceilings and cabinet components; lighting, fireplaces, etc.

Construction equipment and tools: wood processing equipment, metal processing equipment, plastic processing equipment, construction machinery, tools, site safety and protective equipment and

supplies, various special vehicles used in construction sites;

Decoration: various partition materials, cabinets, wall decoration materials, tiles, marble, granite, other stone, slate, wooden panels, wooden floors, paints, fireplaces and chimneys, kitchen

decoration, lighting, decorative materials, Swimming pool decoration and equipment, outdoor furniture and facilities, outdoor sports and recreational facilities;

Door and window curtain wall: doors and windows, wooden doors and windows, metal doors and windows, plastic doors and windows, composite doors and windows, door and window locking

opening system, sunshade (cup) and its automatic opening equipment, door and window sealing materials, door and window hardware, door locks, glass products, wrought iron products;

Construction vehicles and equipment: construction machinery, engineering vehicles, vehicle accessories, transmission and related machinery;

Intelligent buildings: wired and wireless networks and security systems, various elevators, central vacuum dedusting systems, integrated installation and equipment management systems;

terminals, detectors and controllers; management and control of security, access control, lighting and multimedia functions; Roofing, outdoor control systems, remote control services, monitoring

and maintenance of facilities;

IDEO BAIN: all kinds of sanitary ware, toilets, basins, bathtubs, shower rooms, shower heads, faucets and accessories, bathroom lighting, mirrors, bathroom hardware accessories, etc.

INTERCLIMA + Elec Home & Building: refrigeration, heating, air conditioning, lighting, renewable energy and management, installation materials and tools, security facilities;

VIGA sincerely invites you to participate in BATIMAT. Welcome to visit our booth.

Exhibition No.: HALL 3-B087

Date:November 04-08th,2019

We are looking forward to seeing you in the BATIMAT.

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