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VIGA teaches you how to choose bathroom accessies

Nowadays, in most families’ bathrooms, bathroom accessories are very important. They must be able to withstand various severe tests such as high temperature and high humidity, and can make our bathroom life more convenient. In the bathroom accessories on the market, although the surface is mainly chrome-plated, the actual materials are various. So which material is the best for us to use? What do you need to pay attention to when choosing a bathroom pendant?
First, the bathroom accessories material analysis:
1, The price. The materials of the bathroom accessories are: copper, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc alloy. Among them, all-copper hardware is the most expensive, and the price of zinc alloy is low. The price of stainless steel and aluminum is between the former two.
2, Material ranking. Due to the high humidity and high temperature in the bathroom environment, the impact on the bathroom products is very large, and the copper and aluminum hardware and surface treatment layer are well combined. After precision processing, the life of these two materials is the most durable and long-lasting of all materials, so the preferred material for hardware pendants is copper and aluminum. The second material is stainless steel. The hardware of stainless steel is beautiful and has a long service life. However, the disadvantage is that stainless steel hardware is usually only polished. As a result, it will oxidize and become dull, and if it is not subjected to surface plating, rust will appear only after a period of use.
Finally, the zinc alloy, zinc alloy hardware, although the surface treatment is almost the same as the appearance and surface of the copper hardware, but the actual service life is very large.
Second, the bathroom accessories selection skills
1. The surface of the product is bright and delicate, and the mirror-like effect means that the surface plating process of the bathroom pendant is good.
2, when buying a bathroom pendant, first touch with your hand, a good bathroom pendant should have a smooth and delicate feel. Then observe the surface of the bathroom pendant. If the surface is a uniform light, it is excellent. If it is a white point, it is a poor quality product. When observing the bathroom pendant, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there is white spot on the surface, because the white point is the sand hole. During the use of the bathroom, the water vapor will penetrate into the main body through the sand hole to corrode the hardware, causing the plating layer of the bathroom pendant to foam.
Third, bathroom accessories are classified by purpose
1 towel bar & towel rack
The first type of bathroom pendant is the towel bar on the side of the shower area. Nowadays, there are generally single-rod, double-rod, multi-rod rotating products on the market. The towel ring and the towel bar have a single function, and are generally used for hanging towels. Towel racks can also be called towel racks. Under the ordinary towel racks, there are hanging towels. The upper layer is used to put clean towels, or clean clothes can be used.
2 robe hook
There are also hook products commonly used in the shower, which are used to hang bath balls, clothes or other daily necessities, generally divided into three types: single hook, double hook and row hook.
3 towel rack
An essential piece of hardware in the shower area is the shelf. Usually you can put shampoo, shower gel, skin care products, razors, etc., the shelf is divided according to the installation location, there are ordinary rectangular racks, mounted on one wall, and a tripod, installed on the intersection of the two walls At the same time, the triangular rack can effectively use the space and is very easy to use.
4 paper towel holder
The paper towel holder usually puts the paper on the side of the toilet, and generally has a storage board for the mobile phone or other items.
5 toilet brush hold
The toilet brush is unsanitary on the floor, so there is a toilet brush hanging, which is clean and tidy, and beautiful.
6 soap dishes
I remember that the soaps I bought when I was a child have a plastic soap box that can be used as a soap dish. Nowadays, many soaps in the supermarket are in paper packaging and there is no soap box, so we need a soap dish that can put soap.

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