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VIGA teaches you how to choose bathroom accessories.

Bathroom decoration is often a problem in home improvement. The choice of pendants is even more troublesome. If the hardware style is inconsistent with the entire home, then the entire bathroom will be a disaster.

Let me talk about how to classify bathroom accessories?

Classification by purpose

1. Towel bar & towel rack

The first type of hardware is the towel bar by the shower area. Nowadays, there are products such as single rod, double rod, multi rod rotation, etc. on the market. The functions of towel ring and towel rod are relatively simple, and they are generally used to hang towels. The towel rack can also be called a bath towel rack. The underside of the ordinary towel rack is for hanging towels, and the upper layer is used to put clean bath towels or clean clothes.


2. Clothes hooks and hooks

There are also hook products commonly used in showers, which are used to hang bath balls, clothes or other daily necessities. They are generally divided into three types: single hook, double hook and row hook. The material of the hook is usually made of a tough material into a curved or angled hook shape. It has a small footprint, strong weighing, and is very practical.

3. Shelf

Another essential piece of hardware in the shower area is the shelf. Usually you can put shampoo, shower gel, skin care products, razors, etc. The racks are distinguished according to the installation position. There are ordinary rectangular racks, installed on one wall, and tripods, installed on the junction of two walls. At this point, the triangular shelf can effectively use the space and is very easy to use.

4. Paper towel rack

The paper towel rack is usually open, and the paper towel box is closed. If the toilet cannot be separated from wet and dry and the area is small, it is recommended to choose a paper towel box to avoid water mist to wet the toilet paper. The paper towel rack is generally placed on the side of the toilet, and usually there is a storage board on the top for storing mobile phones or other items.

5. Toilet brush pendant

The toilet brush is not hygienic on the ground, so there is a toilet brush pendant, which is clean and tidy, and beautiful.


Material and craftsmanship

There are many materials used to make bathroom pendants. The most common and cheap ones are plastic pendants. However, the hardware pendants discussed here are mainly metal pendants. The mainstream hardware pendants on the market are mainly space aluminum, stainless steel and brass.

1. Space aluminum pendant

Space aluminum is a specially processed aluminum-magnesium alloy, which is characterized by light weight, strong load-bearing capacity, and low price. After taking into account the factors of bearing capacity, it can achieve extremely light weight, which is an incomparable advantage of other materials. The space aluminum surface is grayish white due to the presence of aluminum oxide, lacking a little metallic texture, but its cheap price can be said to be very practical. There is also a zinc alloy on the market that has similar characteristics.

2. 304 stainless steel pendant

304 stainless steel is austenitic stainless steel containing high chromium and high nickel. Because of its high content of chromium, it will oxidize to form a passive film on the surface to protect the stainless steel matrix from corrosion, so its corrosion resistance is very good. The surface of 304 stainless steel material is easy to process. It only needs to be polished. Most of the 304 pendants on the market are brushed surfaces. Because of the high content of nickel, the surface will feel a little yellowish, and there will be a few bright Surface 304 pendant, but this kind of shiny surface is very different from the chrome-plated shiny surface. 304 stainless steel rarely uses castings for modeling, so many designs and curves are difficult to apply to pendants. There are not many styles on the market, and the market positioning is in the mid-range position. If you like this kind of brushed surface pendant, you can consider 304 material.


3. Surface plating pendant

Surface plating pendants mainly refer to brass chrome-plated pendants. Although 201 stainless steel and zinc alloy can be electroplated, copper electroplating is the best overall. Moreover, the plating on the surface after chrome plating can bring an excellent metallic feel, so the brass chrome-plated pendant is the most high-end bathroom pendant.


The brass surface has excellent electroplating adhesion, and the surface of the pendant will appear very high-grade. The surface coating is mainly chrome-plated, and there are a small amount of titanium-plated gold, rose gold and so on.

Regarding style matching, it may be the most concerned part of everyone. In fact, the colors of the three hardware are relatively similar, and most people’s bathrooms are decorated in white as a whole, so as long as the other bathroom products are not too ridiculous , Then basically the problem of matching is not big, but if there are certain styles, the effect of certain hardware will be better.
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