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What does bathroom design rely on to break the growth bottleneck?

With the continuous improvement of contemporary people’s material life and spiritual needs, people’s definition of home has long been no longer satisfied with a physical space that shelters from the wind and rain.
Consumers have more diverse needs for the appearance and design of the home environment, among which the bathroom space is the most unique. What is the taste of a home, it is most likely to show timidity here.


The small bathroom space is a rare and true private space in the home, and it is also a multi-functional compound scene.

Therefore, in a limited space, it is necessary to ensure that the appearance is online, and it must also meet the needs of the occupants for practicality and ease of use. It is indeed a test of the designer’s skills.

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Smart bathroom

Whether focusing on the present or the foreseeable future, the popularization of smart home is already an inevitable trend.

According to survey statistics, more than 85% of consumers have become official users of smart homes, among which smart toilets and smart toilet covers are at the forefront of smart home use.


So far, many head bathroom brands have also seized the opportunity and established their own “smart factories” one after another. From the design, research and development, production, sales and service of smart products, the entire industrial chain has been opened up; the product level has also changed from a single product. The whole ecology, from smart products to smart bathroom scenarios, to apartment remodeling, has changed with the needs of generational consumption.

What’s more worth noting is that my country’s bathroom products are currently exported in two large quantities. In 2020, my country’s bathtub products export value is 591 million US dollars, of which more than 70% are exported to developed countries or regions such as Europe and the United States.
This also means that intelligent manufacturing and intelligent bathroom may become an important fulcrum for Chinese design to go global and synchronize with the world.

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Smart bathroom

Antibacterial bathroom

At the moment when the epidemic is raging, how to improve the daily life and use environment and make users feel at ease is a topic of particular concern to consumers and product designers.


Whether it is a public place or a family scene, the bathroom design has higher requirements in terms of disinfection and antibacterial due to objective reasons such as small space, easy humidity, and even lack of ventilation in some bathrooms. Therefore, antibacterial bathroom has become a new trend in the bathroom market.

Antibacterial faucets, antibacterial showers and antibacterial hardware accessories have all made new attempts in cleaning and antibacterial aspects, so as to effectively prevent the growth of bacteria in the bathroom space and comprehensively protect the healthy bathroom life of every family.

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The smart folding electric towel rack is a product that is dried by electric heating to solve the problem of dampness and peculiar smell of clothes and towels in rainy days.

The unique high-efficiency heating system uses special carbon fiber heating wires. Through the matrix-type high-density arrangement, the heating effect is more uniform and greatly improved compared to the traditional heating wire winding arrangement. Drying effect and shorter drying time.


Integrity of bathroom

The whole bathroom first emerged in Japan, and the penetration rate in the hotel field has exceeded 90%.
Although China’s self-contained bathroom started late, it has entered the fast lane. From hotels, apartments, government security housing, etc., to hardcover rooms, self-contained bathrooms are gradually adopted. The penetration rate is expected to accelerate in the future.

The rise of the whole bathroom is inseparable from the core of bathroom design, which is the balanced integration of functionality and comfort, so as to form the “integrity” of the space, so that a single bathroom product can coordinate with each other in terms of vision and function, and it is also easy to clean. In order to achieve a more perfect bathroom experience.

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