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What is a thermostatic shower?

There are a lot of thermostatic products on the market now, but how much do you know about the thermostatic shower? Today, VIGA will introduce you to the latter-day thermostatic shower column set.

What is a thermostatic shower?

A thermostatic mixer maintains an exact water temperature for the duration of your shower.

In our home, there are generally four places where hot and cold water mixing faucets are used: kitchen, washbasin, bathtub, shower room. It protects you from any sudden changes in the water supply to the shower, so even if somebody flushes the toilet or turns on the kitchen tap the temperature of your shower will remain the same.

What is a thermostatic shower? - Faucet Knowledge - 1

the working principle of thermostatic shower

At the mixed water outlet of the constant temperature faucet, it is equipped with a thermal-sensitive temperature element, Which controls valve core, blocks or opens the inlet of cold and hot water. When the temperature adjustment knob sets a certain temperature, the constant temperature faucet adjusts the proportion of hot and cold water entering the outlet to keep the outlet temperature constant.

the problem &solution of the bathroom thermostatic shower

Users who use a constant temperature shower will find that when used in a constant temperature shower, there are often sometimes hot and sometimes cold, and it will cause water leakage. There are many reasons for these phenomena.

1.Lack of hot water

It mainly occurs in users who use gas water heaters, and most often occur in summer. Because the use of hot water is relatively small in summer, When the hot water reaches a certain level of heat, it will stop working. When the hot water is insufficient, it will fire again. Such repeated turn off and open, Will cause increased damage to the water heater.

Solution: Adjust the gas water heater to the maximum value.

2.the water temperature of Electric water heater thermostat faucet is too low

The main reason for this situation is that the electric water heater is generally set at a temperature of about 50 °C, so the hot water passing through the thermostatic faucet is low.

Solution: Reset the hot water temperature of the electric water heater, preferably at about 60 °C.


The power is insufficient, and the required heat cannot be met.

Solution: Replace the high-power water heater

The garbage clog filter is clogged, causing the water pressure to drop.

Solution: Clear the filter at the angle valve

4.Check valve abnormal

Check the cold water or hot water check valve for foreign objects, just fix it with a screwdriver. If the problem cannot be solved, the check valve needs to be replaced at this time.

5.There is dripping at any interface of the faucet

Tighten the tool slightly at the interface or wrap the industrial tape around the thread

Maintenance skills

One.You must ask an experienced professional to install。When installing, the shower should try not to bump with hard objects,be cleaned the cement, glue, etc. on the surface, avoiding to damage the surface coating gloss.

Two.In the case of the water pressure never lower than 0.02 MPa (ie 0.2 kgf / cubic centimeter), after using for while, if the amount of water is found to decrease, or even the water heater is turned off suddenly, You can gently unscrew the screen mesh at the water outlet of the shower to remove impurities.. However, please do not to forcibly disassemble the shower by the non-professional,  Due to the complicated internal structure of the shower.

Three.Do not be too violent when switching the shower faucet and adjusting the shower water outlet.

Four.The metal hose of bath showers head should maintain natural stretch condition, do not coil it when not in use。at the same time, pay attention to seamsof  hose and faucet and  do not form a dead Angle.

After understanding the advantage of thermostatic faucet, we also understand the disadvantage. For example, it should pay attention to the installation, what’s more,if Water quality sedimentis too much, it also not suitable for it.



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