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Why Do Bathroom Cabinets Crack? Stop Wronging Good Bathroom Cabinets! Cracked Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinets Are Mostly Not Quality Issues! (P.S. Bathroom Cabinet Cracking Remedy Tips)

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Natural, environmentally friendly solid wood bathroom cabinet reveals the natural and original beauty, coupled with its durability and high collection value, has been quite popular among high-end consumers. But some users of solid wood bathroom cabinet is said to be deeply troubled by the bathroom cabinet cracking, in the end what leads to cracking? Is a cracked bathroom cabinet really a quality issue? What happens when it cracks?


A: The oak bathroom cabinet I bought from you last year cracked, and the quality of your bathroom cabinets is awful! Pay up!

B: How did it crack? We’ve been selling bathroom cabinets for years, but this is the first time…

A: You don’t believe me? I will still cheat you? Can you come to our house?

B: I don’t doubt you. I just don’t understand.

A: What’s not to understand is that the bathroom cabinets are of questionable quality, so pay for them quickly!

B: We’ll have to contact the manufacturer on this one to see what’s causing the problem.

A: This I do not care, put is your bathroom cabinet quality problems, but also imported oak it, the quality is so bad, quickly pay for it!

B: I really can’t make that decision. Look, I’ll talk to my boss today and see what I can do about it.

A: What else can be done to save it? I won’t accept anything but compensation. If you don’t pay up, I’ll come here every day.


This kind of situation owners must be very heartbreaking, a thought good bathroom cabinet how can this kind of situation, is certainly a quality problem. After all, consumers are not professional designers, a real wood bathroom cabinet cracked, do not want to immediately look for bathroom stores, “your bathroom cabinet problem!” Pay up, pay up, pay up, say the important thing three times, all kinds of complaints claiming compensation! Is the cracking of solid wood bathroom cabinets proof that the bathroom cabinets are of questionable quality?

Many friends think that if a solid wood bathroom cabinet is cracked, then the solid wood must be fake. In fact, even if it is really solid wood furniture, cracking is inevitable. Even the valuable zitan sandalwood furniture, in the Forbidden City exhibition will also have cracked phenomenon, also need to repair.

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Why Would A Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet Crack?

1, Water Content Of Solid Wood

The moisture content of solid wood bathroom cabinets is not well controlled, there will be cracking, deformation and other quality problems. After the production of bathroom cabinets, the moisture content of the wood and dry stress determines the shape of the bathroom cabinet and the material will not change. Therefore, it becomes quite important to control the moisture content of solid wood bathroom cabinets. After the balance of the moisture content will not crack and deform because of environmental factors such as sunlight, too cold, too hot and so on.

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2, Caused By The Weather

The moisture content requirements for bathroom cabinets are one to two percentage points lower than the actual average air moisture content. As a result of geographical differences, China’s climate is not the same weather, so the water content of the bathroom cabinet requirements are also different. For example, the average annual moisture content of Beijing is 11.4%, so the moisture content of solid wood bathroom cabinets should be controlled at 10.4% or 9.4%; Southern air average moisture content of 14%, the requirements of 12% to 13%. As a result, some southern wood bathroom cabinets shipped to the north can develop cracks.

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3, Improper Use

Some friends do not take good care of the expensive wood bathroom cabinet, it will be placed in the bathroom by the window position, let it endure the sun; or with too wet towels to wipe the dust, move the bathroom cabinet, resulting in damage to the bathroom cabinet frame. These will affect the durability of the bathroom cabinet.

4, Transport Damage

The bathroom cabinet in transit, there will inevitably be bumped, plus climate reasons, solid wood bathroom cabinet transportation is even more difficult. Although the solid wood bathroom cabinet will be compared to some materials of the bathroom cabinet more “stiff”. But if you don’t take good care of it, it’s hard to avoid.

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How To Save A Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet From Cracking?

If it is the naked eye to judge but not cracked micro-cracks, this is very easy to solve, with 502 glue along the crack can be dripped into, and then use the razor blade to gently scrape off the excess glue, but be careful not to use the blade to hurt the paint surface of the bathroom cabinet.

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If it is a small crack that is already cracked, dealing with it will be relatively complicated. Several emergency remedies are provided for your information.

1, Cut into pieces of old books and newspapers, some alum, water, boiled together into a paste, carefully embedded in the cracks, and wait to solidify.

2, Mix the white glue with the wood chips and embed in the cracks. After one day and one night, use sandpaper to polish the cracks.

3, Mix with paint and pigment and embed to plug the cracks. If the paint is scratched, without touching the wood under the paint, use the same color crayon or paint as the cabinet. Paint alterations on the trauma side of the cabinet to cover up the revealed undercoat. Then use a thin layer of lucent nail polish to coat it.

4, If the bathroom cabinet left on the white hot marks, usually with alcohol, nectar, kerosene wet cloth can be scrubbed. If cigarette butts or matches are not quelled in the cabinet paint left scorch marks, can be wrapped in a matchstick or toothpick on a layer of fine grain hard cloth, gently wipe the traces, and then coated with a thin layer of wax, scorch marks can be faded.

Of course, the above is only a remedy for minor cracks. If you encounter large cracks, it is necessary to ask professionals to repair.


How To Effectively Prevent Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet Cracking?

1, Metal High Leg Design Rejects The Trendy Upward Extension.

If you choose a wooden bathroom cabinet, the legs will be prone to moisture, and will unknowingly moisture to the cabinet body, which will eventually lead to the deformation of the entire cabinet. If the bottom of the bathroom cabinet is used metal, as a leg material to support the cabinet, the problem will be cleverly resolved. In addition, aluminum bathroom cabinet legs “bone” is very strong, fearless in front of the basin “pressure”. The rust-resistant feature ensures that the legs will not rust after contact with water.

2, Wall Design To Prevent Direct Penetration Of Water Vapor

The main source of moisture is the floor. By solving the problem of moisture absorption at the bottom of the bathroom cabinet, the in-wall design successfully blocks 50% of the moisture infiltration in the bathroom cabinet.

3, Waterproof Materials Block The First Barrier Of Water Vapor

Ordinary wooden bathroom cabinets absorb water and easily deformed, so it has very harsh requirements on the surrounding environment. Need to use a regular brand bathroom cabinet, to avoid the problem of poor waterproofing.

4, Regular Smear Wood Wax Oil

The moisturization of wood cannot be maintained only by maintaining the proper air humidity in the room. For example, wood wax oil is like a skin moisturizer. When applied on the solid wood bathroom cabinet, it will lock the moisture in the wood and prevent the cabinet from cracking and deforming. It is generally recommended that every 3-4 months can be fully coated with wood wax oil care.

5, Waterproof Aluminum Foil Condensation Predator

From our own regular bathing experience, we find that the basin or faucet in the bathroom generates a lot of condensation when exposed to heat. This water will flow down the countertop into the bottom of the cabinet, causing the cabinet mold deformation. This problem can be solved by adding a waterproof aluminum foil or rubber mat to the bottom of the cabinet. Putting them on the bottom of the drawer will keep moisture out while also securing the bath products.

The value of thousands of thousands of pieces of solid wood bathroom cabinet cracked, owners anxious psychology is understandable. But, many times this phenomenon is caused by the improper use of the bathroom cabinet, not the quality of the bathroom cabinet. This time the bathroom store salesperson needs to be patient to help owners find the real problem, teach owners in the process of using how to maintain the bathroom cabinet, solve the problem. If consumers are still not clear, you can forward this WeChat to customers to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings!


Further Reading

Bathroom Cabinet Maintenance Tips

Cabinet Maintenance

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1, The hanging cabinet is suitable for placing light items, such as shampoo, shower gel, dry towels, paper towels and other lightweight items.

2, Wall-mounted bathroom floor cabinets and hanging cabinets are required to be installed by whether the wall is a load-bearing wall. In the designer’s actual test, if found not to have the installation conditions, the customer should be required by the designer of the wall for appropriate reinforcement.

3, Before using bathroom cabinets, keep the doors open and vacant for 15 to 20 days and ventilate them properly to eliminate residual odors.

4, Cabinet is mortise and tenon and eccentric structure, please do not modify and disassemble by yourself.

5, Please do not use sharp objects scraping, collision cabinet surface.

6, Do not pry up the surface metal decorative materials, do not use steel balls and other sharp materials to clean the surface of metal objects; Do not use corrosive liquids to clean the surface of metal objects.

7, Do not pull the cutting edge of the cabinet bumpers, in order to ensure dustproof, anti-collision, anti-roach effect, to extend the life of the bathroom cabinet.

8, Should avoid bathroom cabinets long-term by direct sunlight, to avoid local color difference.

9, Smoothly placed items, heavier items should be placed in the bathroom cabinet bottom cabinet bottom; hanging cabinet is not easy to place overweight items, so as not to cause the top, bottom plate stress deformation, while ensuring the safety of the process of picking and placing items.

Cabinet Door Maintenance

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1, Avoid heat, power and water sources, and avoid direct sunlight;

2, Do not contact gasoline, benzene, acetone and other organic solvents;

3, With pure cotton cloth clean, with a brush clean carving seams;

4, Solid wood bathroom cabinet cabinets are best cleaned with water wax;

5, It is recommended that the best every half a month or so on the solid wood bathroom cabinet maintenance: cleaning, waxing, in order to maintain a long-lasting bright color;

6, Overflow of water on the countertop should be avoided. Splashes of water will soak the door panel over time and cause distortion;

7, Bathroom cabinet doors and drawers should be opened with appropriate force, please do not slam open and close. Hanging cabinets on the glass door, should respect the design of the optional optional hydraulic support to protect the use of safety.

Countertop Maintenance

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To extend the life of your bathroom counter top, do not place hot objects directly on the counter top. In the placement of high-temperature objects, should be placed under the object home with a rubber foot bracket, insulation pad and other insulation materials.

Hardware Maintenance

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Bathroom cabinet hardware is mainly metal chains, hinges, slides, etc., the material is generally stainless steel or steel surface spray plating, spray plastic-based.

1, Avoid sprinkling strong acid or alkaline solution directly on the hardware, and wipe it off immediately when it happens inadvertently.

2, Door hinges should be kept open and closed freely, and prevent rusting by moisture.

3, Keep the slides of the drawer free and clean frequently.



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