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10 Best Kitchen Sink Faucet Types

In kitchen,there are many different types of sink faucets,single hole or two hole kitchen faucets is well received for different users,below are 10 best kitchen faucet types for guidance,you may consider the advantages and disadvantages of different kitchen sink faucets.

1. Single-Handle kitchen Faucets

10 Best Kitchen Sink Faucet Types - Blog - 1

single hole kitchen faucet, this type of faucets installs on a 1-hole kitchen sink. They also look great mounted on the countertop with an undermount kitchen sink. This makes it easier to install them and leaves more free space than with 2-handle faucets.

The single lever can be located either on the side of the faucet or next to it. It operates water pressure and both hot and cold water. Kitchen faucets with a single lever design can come in traditional and contemporary styles.


  • Easier to install. Only requires one hole for installation.

  • Take up less space.

  • They usually have high arching designs that allow accommodating large pots and pans in the sink.


  • The don’t give quite as precise temperature control as two-handle faucets do.

2. Two-Handle kitchen Faucets

10 Best Kitchen Sink Faucet Types - Blog - 2

Two handle kitchen faucets have a more traditional look. Sometimes they are also called centerset or two-hole kitchen faucets. The centerset kitchen faucets usually require 3 or more holes for the installation. They feature separate handles for hot and cold water, which can be either as part of the baseplate or be mounted separately. They can also include a sprayer but it will usually be mounted separately.


  • Slightly better temperature control than with a single lever faucet.

  • A wide variety of handle options, making this design more customizable.

  • It also gives the convenience of being able to still use the faucet if one of the handles springs a leak. You can just turn off the valve for the leaking handle but continue to use the faucet with the other one.


  • Two-handle faucet usually requires a more complex installation.

  • Requires more holes for the installation.

3. Widespread Faucets

10 Best Kitchen Sink Faucet Types - Blog - 3

Widespread faucets are similar to center set faucets. The only difference is that instead of the whole unit connecting to a single base plate, all the individual pieces are installed separately.


  • You can customize the faucet layout according to your needs or preferences.

  • You can add extras, such as a soap dispenser.


  • Installation requires at least 3 holes.

4. Pull-Down kitchen Faucet

10 Best Kitchen Sink Faucet Types - Blog - 4

Pull-down kitchen faucets are usually designed with a high-arc spout with the head fixed in a downward position. The head can also be detached and used as an extension, which gives a bigger range of motion and further reach. Such faucets give you more flexibility for completing different tasks around the sink, for example, filling up large pots that don’t fit in the sink or directing a more focused spray for more efficient cleaning.


  • It can come in handy when rinsing dishes or the sink.

  • Provides a long enough reach to all the corners of the sink.

  • Allows to fill up pots that can’t fit in the sink.


  • If you have a small sink, you might find it difficult maneuvering the spray head without creating a lot of spatter.

5. Pull-Out kitchen Faucet

10 Best Kitchen Sink Faucet Types - Blog - 5

Don’t confuse pul-lout faucets with the pull-down ones. They usually have a shorter spout as they were made with space saving in mind. However, while being shorter in height, they offer a longer hose reach and are capable of moving in many different directions. They allow to easily fill pots that are placed on the countertop. Pull out kitchen faucets can also be handy if you have a double sink, so you can have more reach over both of them.


  • They have a longer hose, so you get more reach, even for tasks done away from the sink.

  • Great flexibility.

  • The shorter spout is very convenient for those sinks that don’t have much free space in or around them.


  • They have minimum design and style options.

  • You might find it a hassle to have to pull out the spray head every time you need to fill a tall item. For example, since it’s so short, you might not be able to even fit a tall pitcher under it.

6. Pot Fillers kitchen mixer

10 Best Kitchen Sink Faucet Types - Blog - 6

Pot fillers kithen mixer are typically installed in restaurants and different other commercial businesses mounted over a sink or a stove. They feature a long, thin spout, which swings out on a jointed arm for filling deep basins. When not in use, it folds back against the wall so it can stay out of the way.


  • It’s commonly installed over the stove, so you can fill the pot directly it will be cooking, without having to lug heavy pots of water from the sink to the stove.

  • Great for filling up big pots or pans that don’t fit in the sink.


  • It requires a more complicated installation that with standard faucets. It must wall mounted and if you plan to have it over your oven, you need to extend there your plumbing fixtures.

  • If you’re not a serious cook, you might find this feature unnecessary.

7. Commercial Kitchen Faucets

10 Best Kitchen Sink Faucet Types - Blog - 7

If you want nothing but the best, consider getting a commercial style kitchen faucet. They are not meanly only for restaurants, but can also become a great functional fixture in your kitchen. They look sleek and offer professional features in terms of advanced design and technology.


  • Available in a variety of styles.

  • Are usually bigger in size than regular faucets.

  • Capable of handling heavy-duty jobs and volumes.

  • Usually, come with advanced features.


  • The price tag is usually higher in comparison to other home kitchen faucets.

8. Prep or Bar Faucets

A prep or bar faucet is just a smaller version of your regular kitchen faucet. It’s designed for installation in secondary kitchen sinks. For example, it can be installed if you have an extra sink in your kitchen island. This will help to separate your fresh veggies in the bar sink from dirty dishes in your other sink. When choosing one of these, try to find one that matches the style of your main sink.


  • A great option for your smaller bar sink.

  • You can connect it to a filtered water dispenser.


  • If space is of great importance to you, consider if you really need this extra faucet.

9. Touchless Faucets

10 Best Kitchen Sink Faucet Types - Blog - 8

Automatic faucets are equipped with a proximity sensor, which activates the valve opening mechanism and allows the water to flow in through the tap. So you can turn the water on and off by just waving your hand in close proximity in front of the faucet. You do also get the option of using the lever but it helps to eliminate leaving dirty fingerprints on the faucet. This means fewer germs and dirt being tracked between you and your family.


  • Hands-free operation of the faucet, which is handy when you’ve got your hands full or dirty.

  • Allows keeping your faucet clean.


  • The addition of this feature results in the faucet being more expensive in comparison to the average price of kitchen faucets.

10. kitchen Faucet Water Filter

10 Best Kitchen Sink Faucet Types - Blog - 9

If you’re worried about toxins and contaminants in your household’s drinking water, consider installing a new kitchen faucet with a filter. They come in a variety of styles and with different filtering capabilities. Choose one according to which impurities you need to filter out in your drinking water and then select a style that would match your kitchen’s decor.



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