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Bathroom design layout

Behind a high-quality bathroom design, there must be a delicate soul.

For the design of the bathroom, what designs are more textured?
Let’s take a look together.

1. Washing table move outside

In daily life, it is inevitable that you will encounter the queue of the bathroom.
Especially in the early morning hours, the small bathroom is crowded. In fact, you can put the bathroom sink outside, let the toilet and shower room inside, so that not only can improve the efficiency of use, optimize the needs of life, but also make the bathroom more quality.

Putting the bathroom’s washbasin outside, not only can the toilet and bath not interfere with each other, but also ensure that the personal close-up products such as toothbrushes and towels are not contaminated by bacteria in the bathroom. This is also a very thorough method of dry and wet separation of the bathroom.

2.Wall-mounted design

When the number of small and medium-sized houses is increasing, the wall-mounted design is also being chosen by more and more people. Wall-mounted vanity cabinets, wall-mounted vanities, and wall-mounted toilets are not only unique in design but also save space, and they can also meet people’s needs.

The wall-mounted design makes the entire bathroom very textured and looks spacious and tidy.

3.Toilet area + wash area storage design

A clean and tidy, quality bathroom, it must be a reasonable storage. Some people are troubled that there is no place to install the storage cabinet or the storage rack. In fact, as long as we use the wall behind the toilet and the wall of the washing area to store a lot of things, even if it is only 0.5m², it can be useful.

It is a pity that these blank walls are wasted. It is a good way to add storage cabinets and niches to the bathroom.

4.Overall bathroom customization

We are in the “custom” period, “custom” is everywhere. When creativity and comfort become the main theme of people’s leisure, finding a diversified, modern and individual design has become a new life choice for modern people. The overall customization of the bathroom cabinet meets the needs of people’s quality of life upgrades. The whole bathroom can make the whole space more orderly and aesthetically pleasing.

Choose the whole bathroom cabinet, no need to bother to plan the grooming area, makeup area, bathing area, storage area, clothes area. It can be very reasonable to help you complete the entire space planning.

5.Smart towel rack

A quality bathroom can greatly enhance the comfort of life, as well as the intimate design of the bathroom.

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