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3 Bathroom Companies Were Acquired In March, Bolina Holdings Announced The Delisting Of Hong Kong Shares. Shandong Province 2020 Ceramic Squatting, Bidet Products Were Sampled 2 Batches Of Unqualified…

Xiaoxin New Bathroom Headlines

Industry News

March 3 sanitary ware companies were acquired

In March, the bathroom industry again exposed two cases of corporate mergers and acquisitions. Local time on March 5, the British Hartford Holding Group (Hartford Holding) announced that it had completed the acquisition of the British bathroom company Traymate on February 26, the latter is a company specializing in the production and sale of shower chassis. According to foreign media news on March 1, FM Mattsson Mora Group has completed the acquisition of British bathroom brands Aqualla and Adamsez brand on February 26, the transaction amount is not yet disclosed. It is understood that Aqualla is located in Northern Ireland and currently employs 37 people. In 2020, sales were £7.6 million (about RMB 69 million), an increase of more than 30% over the previous year. Aqualla acquired the Adamsez brand in June 2020. The latter has a history dating back to 1880 and is known for producing luxury bathtubs.

Source: Kitchen and bathroom headlines


Shandong Provincial Market Supervision Bureau: 2020 ceramic squatting / toilet products sampling: 2 batches failed

Shandong Provincial Market Supervision Bureau website on February 1 released the results of the 2020 provincial supervision and sampling of ceramic squatting / toilet product quality. The total sampling of the province’s 19 enterprises production / sales of 20 batches of ceramic squat / toilet products. Among them, the production of 2 enterprises 3 batches, 17 enterprises 17 batches in the field of circulation. Among them, 2 batches of products do not meet the requirements of the relevant standards, failed items for the wash function, toilet water consumption, toilet water efficiency level project. Failure list is as follows.

No Product Name Sampling areas Company Name Unified Social Credit Code Name of the nominal production enterprise Production date or batch number Specification plastic number Trademark Sampling results Unqualified items Undertaking inspection unit
1 Ceramic One-piece Toilet Circulation area Weihai Economic and Technological Development Zone Chuntao building materials sales office  



Yilai (Tianjin) Sanitary Ware Co. / E-21037-G-4


Yilai Failure Washing function. Beijing Building Materials Inspection Institute Co.
2 Toilet Circulation area Zhifu District Zhang Shuaiqi building materials merchants 92371000MA3


Haku Building Materials (Suzhou) Co. 2018/7/23 CT-390S30S Graphics Failure Toilet water weight; Toilet water efficiency rating. Beijing Building Materials Inspection Institute Co.

Source: China Quality News Network


Spain’s tile industry turnover in 2020 was basically flat year-on-year

According to preliminary data from the Spanish Tile Manufacturers Association: the total turnover of the tile industry in 2020 is basically flat with 3.757 billion euros (about 29.299 billion yuan) in 2019, the year-on-year increase or decrease between -1% and 2%, export revenue is expected to grow by 1% to 4%, accounting for 75% of the industry’s turnover, domestic sales are expected to decline by 4% to 7%, which is weaker and failed to return to normal sales levels and a 3-4% drop in tile production (510 million m2 in 2019), which allows companies in the Castellón production area to reach a balance between supply and demand and significantly deplete inventories. As for export markets, Spain’s exports to the United States surged by 15.1% from January to October 2020, making the United States the largest export market for Spain. France, the second largest market, grew by 1.8%. Spain’s exports to the United Kingdom tile volume fell, down 9.8 percent.

Source: Tao City Newspaper


Corporate News

Bolina Holdings announced the delisting of Hong Kong shares to focus on the development of the main business

Bolina Sanitary Ware will carry out internal asset integration to further enhance profitability and sustainable business development, and plan to enter the A-share capital market in three to five years.

Bolina Holdings exited from the Hong Kong stock capital market this time, operating the main business and the capital market separately, aiming to focus on the development of Bolina Sanitary Ware’s main business, which is more conducive to enhancing the efficiency of the entity’s operation. It concentrates on the two major markets, domestic and foreign, to achieve a more benign operation and faster development, which is of great and positive significance to the future development of Bolina Sanitary Ware.


Juran 20 million registered smart home manufacturing company

Pan home network news: March 9 news, Juran affiliates Jiangxi actually supply chain management limited company added a foreign investment company, the name of Ganzhou actually intelligent home manufacturing Co. Enterprise search shows that the smart home manufacturing company was established on March 8, located in Ganzhou, Jiangxi, with legal representative Du Ting and registered capital of RMB 20 million. The business scope of the smart home manufacturing company contains: furniture manufacturing, furniture sales, furniture parts production, home furnishing manufacturing, smart home consumer equipment manufacturing, smart home consumer equipment sales.


Red Star Macalline’s 2021 renovation contract target set at $8 billion

Recently, Red Star Macalline Decoration Industry Group announced at the 2021 Target Responsibility Reporting Conference that the annual contract volume in 2020 has exceeded 4.5 billion against the trend. The national home improvement stores exceeded 214, with 6 large orders over 10 million, 126 large orders over one million, and the highest customer order value of 54 million. The contract value of a single promotion in October exceeded 178 million, setting a new historical record. 2021’s target is to challenge 8 billion contracts and 3 billion revenue, to build an ecological organization, and to work collaboratively.

Source: Future Home Research


Data Analysis

Guangzhou apartment transactions in February jumped over 400% year-on-year

In February, the overall supply and demand of commercial properties in Guangzhou was relatively quiet. Compared with the same month last year, the turnover of office buildings and stores both dropped significantly, but the turnover of apartments rose sharply, by more than 400%. During the month, the volume of apartment transactions in Guangzhou was 51,359 square meters, down 49% compared to January, but up 474% compared to last year. The proportion of year-on-year rise is quite large mainly due to the epidemic factor last year, but if compared with the same period in 2019, there is also a small increase of about 5%.

Source: China News


Fiscal revenue expected to grow 8.1% in 2021

On March 5, entrusted by the State Council, the Ministry of Finance submitted the Report on the Implementation of the Central and Local Budgets in 2020 and the Draft Central and Local Budgets in 2021 (hereinafter referred to as the Budget Report) to the fourth session of the 13th National People’s Congress for consideration. The Budget Report points out that in 2020, the national general public budget revenue will decrease by 3.9% compared with 2019, and the national general public budget expenditure will increase by 2.8%. in 2021, the national general public budget revenue is expected to increase by 8.1%, and the national general public budget expenditure will increase by 1.8%.

Source: Daily Economic News


Future refined city pattern: eight major cities become the main force, the scale between 200,000-333,000 sets

According to AVC (AVC) monitoring data show that in 2019 China’s finely decorated house penetration rate has increased to 32%. 2020 by the epidemic, finely decorated penetration rate has seen small fluctuations, but the overall remains above 30%. At present, compared with the developed countries more than 80% of the penetration rate of hardcover, China’s hardcover market penetration rate is still at a low level, but after years of development of hardcover industry has entered the formative years, but also gradually presented the industrialization, modularization and components of the trend, the future has a broad space for development.

From the perspective of major cities, Hainan, Beijing, Guangdong refined penetration rate of more than 50%, located in the top three. Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Henan and a number of provinces and cities refined installation penetration rate is still lower than the regional government issued a full renovation target ratio.

Table: China’s provinces and municipalities in 2020, the penetration rate of hardcover and hardcover policy provisions target

Province Penetration rate Provinces and municipalities refinement policy provisions target
Hainan 73.1% July 2017 onwards, the province to implement full renovation
Beijing 66.0% Since 2015, the full implementation of fully renovated finished products in Beijing’s protected housing and self-occupied commercial housing
Guangdong 51.0% housing.
Liaoning 48.9% April 2017 ‘Promote full renovation of buildings
Shanghai 47.7% From January 2017, urban areas within the outer ring road should reach:100%
Zhejiang 47.4% By the end of 2020, the province’s new multi-storey and high-rise residential full renovation ratio of 100%
Yunnan 43.9% April 2020, the gradual implementation of fully renovated finished housing delivery
Jiangsu 40.9% By 2020, the proportion of new commercial housing renovation to reach more than 50%
Shaanxi 39.2% March 2017, to promote the full renovation of buildings; Xi’an after 2021 to reach 100% fully renovated
37.2% By 2021, Guiyang, Zunyi, Anshun pilot cities of finished housing reached 40%, 50% and 30%, respectively, the proportion of suburban cities (counties) reached 3%-15%.
Shanxi 37.0% and 30%, the proportion of suburban cities (counties) reached 3%-15%
Jilin 36.8% By 2025, the province’s fully furnished to more than 60%, Taiyuan central city to 100%
Jiangxi 36.7% Since September 2018, the newly acquired land transfer of mature areas of commercial housing to implement full renovation
Qinghai 36.4%
Inner Mongolia 34.3% By 2018, the proportion of new residential renovation reached 80% or more
Ningxia 31.5% The proportion of fully renovated commercial residential buildings accounting for more than 50% of the total development is given financial incentives
Fujian 30.4% May 2017 “to encourage new construction of assembled buildings using fully furnished delivery
Heilongjiang 29.9% By the end of 2020, Harbin not less than 50%, Qiqihar, Mudanjiang, Jiamusi, Daqing not less than 40%, other cities (local) not less than 30%, county-level cities not less than 20%
Sichuan 29.3% By 2020, the proportion of newly built homes fully renovated to 50%
Shandong 25.5% By 2020, the new high-rise, small high-rise residential using 100% fully furnished
Hebei 22.5% By 2017, the proportion of new housing fully renovated not less than 60%
Hubei 21.3% July 2017, the active implementation of full renovation of buildings
Guangxi 19.8%
Tianjin 19.4% By 2020, the full renovation rate of assembled buildings to reach 100%
Hunan 17.1% By 2020, the proportion of new residential buildings fully renovated in Changsha urban area will reach 50% or more
Anhui 16.9% By the end of 2017, the proportion of fully furnished new residential buildings in Hefei City will reach 30%.
Gansu 13.9%
13.0% By 2020, the provincial cities and urban-rural integration demonstration areas to reach 80%
Chongqing 11.4% By 2020, the proportion of new commercial housing renovation in the main city will reach 20% or more

Refined cities in 2020 is 238 cities, down 4.8% year-on-year compared with 2019, but overall still remain above 200 cities. Top 50 developers involved in refined cities scale decline seriously, non-top 50 developers refined cities scale slightly increased.

AVC (AVC) through the research results of the past five years analysis, the next two years the new first-tier cities are still a large city of finishing scale. It is expected that in 2021-2022, the volume of finishing in new first-tier cities will be about 3 million sets. 80% of the Top 10 cities are from new first-tier cities, with Hangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Nanjing, Suzhou, Qingdao and other cities as the main cities. In addition to the new first-tier cities, by the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area development planning favorable and other factors, the Pearl River Delta city group in Guangzhou, Foshan in the next two years will be more than 250,000 sets of refined openings, located in the ranks of the TOP 10 cities of refined. These eight main cities in the next two years are between 200,000 and 330,000 sets of refined scale, occupying more than 40% of the market share of the TOP30 cities, becoming the main battlefield of major developers, parts and components.

2021-2022 China’s residential real estate finishing room T0P30 city ranking

Ranking TOP City Ranking TOP City
1 Hangzhou           16 Chongqing
2 Chengdu 17 Jinan
3 Wuhan 18                                              Shenyang
4 Guangzhou 19 Nanchang
5                         Foshan 20                            Nantong
6 Nanjing 21 Shenzhen
7                         Suzhou 22 Huizhou
8 Qingdao 23 Wenzhou
9                                        Changsha 24                            Wuxi
10 Xian 25 Taiyuan
11                                         Shanghai 26 Changchun
12 Nanning 27 Dongguan
13 Kunming 28 Hefei
14 Beijing 29 Tianjin
15 Zhengzhou 30                            Xuzhou

Source: Aowei Cloud Network


2021 January-February China’s ceramic products export value increased 76.6% year-on-year

According to the database of China Business Industry Research Institute, the export volume of Chinese ceramic products in January-February 2021 was 2.689 million tons, an increase of 21% year-on-year.

3 Bathroom Companies Were Acquired In March, Bolina Holdings Announced The Delisting Of Hong Kong Shares. Shandong Province 2020 Ceramic Squatting, Bidet Products Were Sampled 2 Batches Of Unqualified... - Blog - 1

In terms of amount, the export value of China’s ceramic products in January-February 2021 was 4,092.5 million U.S. dollars, up 76.6% year-on-year.

3 Bathroom Companies Were Acquired In March, Bolina Holdings Announced The Delisting Of Hong Kong Shares. Shandong Province 2020 Ceramic Squatting, Bidet Products Were Sampled 2 Batches Of Unqualified... - Blog - 2

Source: Database of China Business Industry Research Institute



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