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Arrow Home, To Be The World’s Business

Original Shi Yangyan Kitchen And Bathroom Information

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In 2019, Arrow Home is positioned as ‘Global Smart Home Everyone’, and we are ready for two carriages to run in parallel – based on domestic and expanding globally.” Lu Jinhui, deputy general manager of Arrow Home Group, stressed. Looking globally, Arrow Home is bound to integrate a broader supply chain strategy if it is to be a global player, thus improving its resilience to deal with trade demands and geopolitical changes in different countries.

From a global perspective, a number of world-class brands will be born in the future, such as China and other world-class countries. Chinese ceramics and home furnishing manufacturing need a group of companies that can represent the country’s image in the global market to participate in the competition and cultural exchange of world business.

“Arrow Home has become the designated ceramic sanitary ware supplier for the China Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015 and the China Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020, both in preparation for ‘going global’.” For the brand globalization, Arrow Home Group Deputy General Manager Lu Jinhui accepted an exclusive interview with Kitchen & Bathroom News.

The time of “going global” has come. 2021 April, Arrow Home held a global new product launch for Dubai Expo in Beijing. By using the first XR technology in the home furnishing industry, it realized the visualization and three-dimensional on-site display of the products, allowing the audience to feel the physical experience of the event, which was also reported in English by overseas-oriented media such as Chinadaily and China.com.

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Change builds strength in the winter

In order to promote the healthy and sustainable development of China’s economy, the Chinese government has proposed the “One Belt, One Road” development strategy. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for Arrow Home. The challenge is that Arrow Home was previously based in the domestic market, and its business advantages are mainly in the domestic market. Compared with the domestic market, Arrow Home’s international business advantage is not obvious. The opportunities, on the other hand, are many. It is reported that “One Belt, One Road” some embassies along the route, such as the Chinese Embassy in Oman and some Chinese-funded projects using the “national bathroom” representative brand ARROW products. In addition, based on the previous trade relations of Arrow Home in 68 overseas export countries and the international layout of Indonesia branch, Arrow Home has the foundation for international expansion.

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In 2021, Arrow Home’s overseas business division was formally established to manage and integrate the international business through a professional team. “In 2019, Arrow Home proposed to proceed with the establishment of the overseas business division. 2020, the onslaught of the epidemic has caused the world to experience a large impact. In the face of the complete inability to go out, we decided that we could not ‘wait and see’ and had to build up the team first.” Lu Jinhui revealed.

The overseas business unit has an independent product design department, operations department, marketing department, build the structure and talent system than the domestic operations department. “The structure is established, the department is operated, and the talent is enriched. We can move quickly as soon as the epidemic conditions allow.” According to Lu Jinhui, at present, Arrow Home will follow the “One Belt and One Road” policy and deepen the international business in countries along the Belt and Road.


Brand internationalization, is the internationalization of “people”

At present, the composition of the entire pan-home furnishing enterprises is still dominated by technical personnel, but in recent years, the proportion of front-end personnel such as Internet operation, IT product development, financial investment and marketing is increasing year by year. For enterprises, it is possible that the introduction of digitalization in the past three years exceeds the total amount of the past ten years. Small but huge changes such as changes in personnel structure, channel integration, and business integration are affecting one company after another.

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One of the foundations of brand internationalization is the internationalization of talent. “When we really land to develop the market, it is with a special overseas business unit to expand, to negotiate contracts, to communicate and to build relationships. In the future, we will continue to absorb international talent, hoping that as an international company we can give an image of respect for diversity at home and abroad.”

Currently, thousands and thousands of Arrow Home’s domestic employees are carrying business in the domestic market. In the future, there will be thousands of employees developing with Arrow Home around the world. Employees are important spokespeople for delivering the spirit of the brand to customers and the world.



Steady business and longevity

Companies of different sizes have their own transformation dilemmas, and the huge organizational structure, operational processes and businesses that leading companies have relied on in the past can become key factors affecting the speed of their transformation.

Arrow Home, which will soon be thirty years old, has made frequent moves in the transformation process in the past three years, such as upgrading the brand strategy, implanting the strategic element of “intelligence”, establishing the Institute of Intelligence, and pursuing intelligent technology. In addition to the sanitary ware section, it is moving into the broader market of ceramic tiles and custom homes. Respecting the original design, Arrow Home is one of the 40 global design gold medal winners in the latest IF design award list in 2021.

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For the current situation of Chinese kitchen and bathroom enterprises/brand international influence, developing a clear brand strategy and implementing it effectively is still the key way to enhance the international influence of the brand. The layout of Arrow Home from the very beginning of the establishment, has laid down “ARROW” not only as a product brand, but also as a corporate brand with a complete brand system.

From the channel point of view, Arrow Home has more than 10,000 terminal stores, deep channel advantage and deep dealer relationship is Arrow Home has been rooted in the local strong advantage, even in its new retail business is booming, Arrow Home still issued a slogan to establish 10,000 county outlets. In the future, Arrow Home will also establish large home experience centers in provincial capitals and prefecture-level cities.

From the perspective of products, Arrow Home has always attached importance to the design and creativity of each product, hoping to find the best combination of defining the ideal and reality. In the design and development of products, the R&D department will usually combine certain in-depth experience consumers to propose ideas, and through the preliminary design to understand the user needs of each dimension and integrate them into the design.

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From the customer demand, from smart toilets, smart clothes dryers and integrated bathroom cabinets with UV sterilization and drying, from tiles to custom furniture, the whole product chain, Arrow home for tile, bathroom, cabinets, closet manufacturing core strengths, one-stop to provide a set of bathroom space, kitchen space, bedroom space, living room space, balcony space and other spaces of the whole house design construction and installation service program.

Not only the needs of individual customers are changing day by day, but also the needs of large corporate customers are also changing, Arrow Home’s overall real estate finishing business has been growing rapidly in recent years. The needs and suggestions of real estate customers also play a very crucial role in Arrow Home’s market layout. The real estate customers who came to Arrow Home for inspection proposed to Lu Jinhui: “I hope Arrow Home will provide one-stop home purchase service.”

Lu Jinhui told Kitchen News: “Arrow home based on the scale advantage, cost advantage, innovation advantage and other core advantages. On the basis of strong manufacturing, it will also slowly transform into a platform for providing overall home solutions. Both C- and B-end customers will be able to provide a one-stop service experience.”

“Arrow Home has been pursuing differentiation since the founding team.” From a successful single category to a balanced development of the group, Arrow Home has always adhered to the corporate policy of sound management. 2020 by the kitchen and bathroom information sponsored by the “brainstorming, face the epidemic” online forum, Arrow Home Group Director, General Manager Xie Yue Rong stressed “Stable management is the only way to build a long-lasting business”.

“At present, we are in an era of opportunities and challenges, and we need to keep an eye on the external market and keep changing. But no matter how the external changes, the internal enterprise from market development, team spirit, to design and development, factory management, still need to follow the underlying logic of enterprise management, to promote the creation of a century-old enterprise of foundation”, said Lu Jinhui.



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