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Asia Pacific Is The Largest Market For Bathroom Cabinets, With A Global Share Of 36.22% In 2020

Asia Pacific Is The Largest Market For Bathroom Cabinets, With A Global Share Of 36.22% In 2020

In the past few decades, bathroom cabinets have undergone significant changes in both appearance design, material design and demand upgrades, making bathroom cabinets an important guide to the style trends of bathroom spaces. From the original single bathroom cabinet for washing, it has now evolved into a new experience with a variety of functions such as washing, intelligence, health, beauty and social.

Asia Pacific

Globally, the demand for high-end homes is increasing incrementally due to increasing residential development projects. The global bathroom cabinet market is experiencing moderate growth. The demand for custom countertop materials such as artificial stone, volcanic stone, granite, marble, and rock slabs is surging. A new round of growth is expected due to various material-specific patterns, prices, and other factors. Meanwhile, products such as high quality and high design costs will slow down in the current environment.

Residential Applications And Wooden Bathroom Cabinets Dominate

The market for bathroom cabinets is segmented by material into the wood, ceramic, metal, glass, stone, resin, acrylic, etc. Wood type becomes the dominant material for bathroom cabinets as the most widely used material. In terms of market share, a variety of wood bathroom cabinets such as fiberboard, plywood or particleboard account for the major share of the market, which is about 41.95% in 2020. The availability of MDF is expected to drive the growth in demand for wood cabinets in the near future.

The Asia Pacific Is The Largest Market For Demand And Supply Of Bathroom Cabinets

The Asia Pacific is considered to be the largest market for bathroom cabinets in 2020. The boom in real estate and infrastructure development in populous countries such as China and India has led to growing demand. The bathroom cabinets market in the Asia Pacific accounts for 36.22% of the global share in 2020. The bathroom cabinet market in North America is the second-largest market in the world with 26.06%.



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