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Bathroom faucet and accessories guides

Finding the right bathroom faucet and accessories might sometimes be more difficult than you might think. A faucet doesn’t only have to be functional, it also has to look good. But not all the faucets and accessories can be used in every bathroom. Depending on your bathroom’s style and design.

We created this short guide to help you discover the best bathroom faucet and accessories for your home:


One of the first things you should take into account is the style and design of the bathroom faucet and accessories.

  • Classical Design– When we say classical design, We’re referring to the models that use modern technologies but look just like the faucets people used at the beginning of the 19th and 20th. These faucets are best suited for traditionally styled bathrooms, and they are usually the centerpiece of the room. If the classical faucet is not the centerpiece, it usually enhances the centerpiece’s aspect, be it a sink, a mirror, or just the antique tiles you have on your walls. The faucets can have one or two handles, but most of them use one, as did the original models decades ago. When you decide on buying a classical faucet, make sure you install it on a classical looking basin sink.
  • Modern Design– Faucets that have a modern design are the perfect fit for modern bathrooms. They usually have straight or curved lines, and they can have one or two handles. These faucets can be a centerpiece of the bathroom, but they are usually just augmenting another piece, like a sink or a mirror. When you decide on buying a modern-looking faucet, make sure you install it on a sink that also has straight lines and a modern look.iVIGA Bathroom remodeling basin faucet
  • Hybrid Design– Some faucets actually have a hybrid design. They can be used in both traditional and modern bathrooms. It’s not uncommon for these faucets to resemble a classical faucet, except they have straighter lines and harsher edges. These faucets can come with one or two handles, and they can have different finishes. One of the advantages of using this kind of faucet is that you can install them on almost any kind of sink, and they will look great.


The finish is one of the most important features of the faucet and bathroom accessories. High-quality finishes are easy to maintain, and they won’t get scratched from the regular wear and tear. There are other things you should think about when choosing a finish, though.

 The finish will greatly influence the aspect of the faucet and accessories. Most people go straight for the chromed or stainless steel finish, and these are the most popular options nowadays. However, there are some finishes you can use to enhance the design of your bathroom:

  • Oil rubbed bronze– The oil rubbed bronze is a highly fashionable finish. It is usually not even considered by potential customers, but if you buy a sink with a nice design, be it classical or modern, this finish will augment its appearance.
  • Polished brass– Another nice finish most people don’t consider is the polished brass. This finish is not for every faucet, but it can look amazing on some. If you have a large bathroom with a classical design, a faucet with a polished brass finish can make it look very elegant.


Whenever you choose a finish, make sure it will fit all your other fixtures. If your faucet has a brass finish, the showerhead and hand shower a chromed one, and the towel hanger、toilet paper holder or robe hook one of stainless steel, the aspect of your bathroom will suffer as a whole.

iVIGA bathroom accessories 304stainless steel brushed gold

If you’re building a new bathroom, make sure the finish you choose for the faucet is available for the other bathroom accessories as well before you order it. Some finishes are easier to find and match than others, so make sure you check their availability for the other bathroom accessories before you buy.


The size of the faucet is very important. You have to make sure the faucet size matches that of the sink. As a rule of thumb, the larger the sink, the larger the faucet you will have to buy. You shouldn’t exaggerate though, buying a faucet too large might result in an awkward fit.

On the other hand, if the faucet is too small for the sink you’re planning on installing it on, the water spray might end up on the wall of the sink. This might lead to splashes and it will ruin your experience.


Now, there are some things you should check before buying a faucet. First of all, you should check the sink to see how many mounting holes it has before deciding on a faucet model. If the sink only has one mounting hole and you buy a faucet needing three mounting holes, you might have to drill the holes yourself. This might not seem like much, but drilling a hole through marble or cast iron is not very easy, so it’s better to just buy a faucet that matches.

iVIGA matte black bathroom basin faucet

Second, you should make sure the faucet you buy can be mounted on the sink you have or the one you’re planning to install. Some sinks can be very thick, so you might need some nut extenders so they can reach the supply lines. However, these nut extenders are not difficult to find, and most of them will work on many faucet models, so you can just buy them separately.

For the bathroom accessories,you can also choose the one with 3M glue and sticky rather than drilling the hole in the wall.


You might be wondering why this is an important feature for faucets. 

Well, things can sometimes be complicated when you’re trying to install a faucet. Usually, no matter how cheap or expensive they are, faucets can be installed by the owner without professional help and only a little DIY experience. But there are some models out there that have a difficult installation. This installation process might test your nerves, and increase your expenses as well.

Usually, when you buy a faucet that’s easy to install, you’re also buying a faucet that’s relatively easier to fix. This might, at some point, be a major advantage.

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