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Bathroom hardware purchase method Recommended bathroom hardware matching.

Bathroom decoration, as small as some accessories, are all necessary building materials to create a comfortable bathroom. People tend to overlook the purchase of bathroom hardware. It is important to know that without the assistance of these small hardware accessories, it is impossible to create a comfortable bathroom space. What should I pay attention to when buying? How to maintain it daily? Let’s take a look with the editor of the website.

Bathroom hardware purchase method Recommended bathroom hardware matching

Part1: There are many bathroom hardware products. First understand the purchase method

There are actually a lot of hardware products used in the bathroom. Regardless of the hardware parts carried by the bathtub, toilet, bathroom cabinet and other products, there are also many hardware parts that need to be purchased separately. Let’s take a look together below.

1. Types of bathroom hardware

Common bathroom hardware includes faucets, showers, floor drains, drains, hoses, valves, towel racks, shelves, mirrors and so on.

Second, the classification of bathroom hardware materials

Third, the general purchase method of bathroom hardware

1. Look at the material of the hardware

There are many kinds of materials for bathroom hardware. Among them, products made of pure copper are often compact in structure and weighed by hand. In addition to being heavier than similar products, they also feel solid and durable.

2. Look at the plating of hardware

The standard electroplating layer can not only make the surface of the product fine and uniform, but also avoid oxidation and rust in a humid environment. Look at the surface of the pendant with your eyes. If there is no blistering on the surface and the coating is uniform, you can choose it.

Bathroom hardware purchase method Recommended bathroom hardware matching

3. Look at the hardware technology

Products processed through strict process standards often go through complex machining, polishing, welding, inspection and other processes. The products are not only beautiful in appearance, good in use, but also have excellent feel, uniform, smooth and flawless.

Part2: Comfortable sanitary ware. Look at the purchase of sanitary drains, hoses, and angle valves.

There are many kinds of bathroom hardware accessories, and in order to meet the individual needs of modern people, many novel hardware accessories have also appeared. Therefore, I will not introduce them one by one here. Only introduce some commonly used bathroom hardware. Let’s first take a look at the important hardware accessories for the plumbing installation of the bathroom, which are the drain, the hose, and the angle valve.

The drain is a drainage device for bathtubs, basins, etc. According to the type, there are two main types: bounce launching and flip-top launching. The advantages of the bounce launcher are obvious, it is quick and convenient to bounce, save trouble, and easy to clean;

The flip-top launching is easy to block, and it is more difficult to open when draining, but the service life of the flip-top launching is generally longer than that of the bounce type. I believe everyone will have more or less understanding of the above content, and I hope this article can help you.
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