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2021 Spring Ceramic Fair – The Latest Colors, The Most Complete Rock Panel, To Enrich Your Material Library

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April 18, the 36th Foshan Ceramic Fair will soon be in Foshan China Ceramic City Exhibition Hall, China Ceramic Headquarters Pavilion, Foshan International Convention and Exhibition Center Pavilion grand opening.

The exhibition to “new – dynamic” as the theme, focusing on the discovery of new, release new, promote new. At that time, rock plate, large plate, thick plate, marble tiles, health ceramics, heat tiles, antibacterial tiles, anion tiles and other new products, as well as even pattern, process surface, digital glaze and other new technology, new colors and other 20,000 + models of new products will be presented.



Deepen the “two-line integration”

Focus on precise investment

During the 36th Foshan Pottery Fair, the 2021 online Foshan Pottery Fair (Phase I) will be held at the same time to create a new “dual-line integration” exhibition model of “pre-show accurate publicity – online display – online communication – offline exhibition transaction”.

Up to now, the online exhibition platform has been iterated to version 5.0. The digital exhibition hall and interactive community functions have been iteratively upgraded to realize one-key demand matching online. At the same time will be data, electronic integration of offline exhibition services, providing more accurate data analysis, and more focused on deep plowing investment to join the sector, to create a ceramic industry vertical class live platform “Tao Fun Live” to provide “hair new” content channel.


The second Foshan pottery fair super live festival

The second Foshan Tao Expo super live festival to “rock plate new force” as the theme, strictly elected Owen Lai plain tile, Enoch tile, Melchi rock plate, Xinghui International, ICC tile, Melco marble tile 6 with rock plate products, mature franchisee support system, join the preferential policies of quality ceramic brands to form an investment alliance.

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▲Owenlei plain tile rock slab space map

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▲ Enoch tile rock slab space diagram

640 3 5

▲Melch rock slab space diagram

640 5 4

▲Xing Hui International Rock Slab Space

640 4 4

▲ICC tile rock slab space diagram

640 6 3

▲Shinhao Marble Tile Rock Panel Space

On April 15, the platform of “Online Foshan Pottery Fair – Tao Fun Live” was used to live-stream investment, so that investors and brands can communicate with each other face to face.

The same period to invite successful buyers to join the offline 36th Foshan Pottery Fair brand site. They understand the strength of the brand, products and related situations on the ground, to realize the dual transformation of online and offline.



Nine characteristic exhibition areas

Focus on new colors, new products

The 36th Foshan Ceramic Fair in China Ceramic City, China Ceramic Headquarters, Foshan International Convention and Exhibition Center three exhibition halls set up color zone, international brand area, rock plate home pavilion, “new life art festival” theme exhibition area, special boutique area, rock plate & supporting area, seam pavilion, auxiliary materials pavilion, hotel engineering selection center and other nine theme exhibition area, and through the “1 zone + 1 net red card point + 1 + activities” model for the overall promotion, joint exhibitors brand release: rock plate, large plate, color tile, thick tile, foam tile and other current industry trendy products.


① Color Zone

Color Zone, with the theme of “color – play”, brings together color tiles, Medici, strange brick art color, Lion King International, Shengshi flying fish, flower orange and other high-quality color tile brands, 2000+ global popular color products. From design, product, packaging to promotion, the overall atmosphere around the color elements of packaging, is one of the Foshan Pottery Fair Netflix must hit the spot.

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② International brand area

International brand area, relying on the external window of China Ceramic City, brings together 20+ imported brands such as HBI, Schoenstatt, Lamborghini, Italian Wade-Rock board. It showcases the latest global trend products and is a quality choice to understand the trend to achieve transformation and upgrading.

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③ Rock Panel Home Pavilion

Rock slab home pavilion, relying on China Ceramic Headquarters rock slab new material display base, gathered Melchi rock slab, pray for the United States, EK rock slab, rock slab space, new rock elements and other 50 + high-end rock slab brands. It showcases the latest rock slate products and matches the upstream and downstream resources of the rock slate industry chain in a full-stop manner.

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④ “New Life Art Festival” theme exhibition area

The theme exhibition area of “New Life Art Festival” is located in China Ceramic City Pavilion, which is jointly launched by the 36th Foshan Ceramic Fair X artist Liu Dezhi, who initiated the curation of the exhibition. He used construction waste to build an art installation, and integrated into the teahouse, art museums and other lifestyle businesses, while Jin Yitao, Mucheng, Shenghua, Junanbo, 1920 and other brands joined in to recreate a story about rebirth.

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⑤ Featured boutique area

Featured boutique area, located in the Foshan International Convention and Exhibition Center exhibition hall. From handmade tiles, mosaic to wood grain tiles, ceramic industry fashion boutique here are available. Looking for small and beautiful boutique, come to the 36th Foshan Ceramic Fair featured boutique area can meet your needs.

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⑥ Rock plate & supporting area

In response to the demand for services for the rock slab industry, this year’s Foshan Ceramic Fair will set up a rock slab industry service area in the Foshan International Convention and Exhibition Center. The rock slab cutting, splicing, opening and other rock slab processing techniques are displayed on site, showing the latest production and processing technology of rock slab.

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⑦  Beauty Seam Pavilion

Seam Hall, is the first special hall in the ceramic industry for the seam upstream and downstream brand display, which is built by Foshan Ceramic Fair and China Ceramic Industry Association Tile Seam Technology Professional Committee. It brings together more than 30 high-end professional brands of seam, 1000 + popular products. During the exhibition, a number of new product launches were held to release the overall 2021 seam product trends.

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⑧ Auxiliary materials pavilion

This year’s Foshan Ceramic Fair, while meeting everyone’s needs for tile products and design, continues to upgrade and optimize the procurement platform for customers with demand for tile auxiliary materials. It covers the Henry, Yigu, Renault and other 250 + brands, categories throughout the ceramic, rock plate upstream and downstream the whole industry chain, one-stop solution to all the problems of tile paving.

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⑨ Hotel Engineering Material Selection Center

To better promote the hotel industry to achieve green transformation and upgrading, Foshan Pottery Fair continues to deepen the hotel market segment. It provides more choice space for the hotel industry in building materials.

2021 Foshan Pottery Fair and China Hotel Association reached strategic cooperation, decided to hold the 10th China Hotel Culture Festival in the 36th Foshan Pottery Fair on April 17-18.

At the same time, in China Ceramic City Pavilion landed “hotel engineering materials selection center”. It is “exhibition in the exhibition” form, the introduction of green materials in the ceramic industry, to help hotels reduce costs and increase efficiency and quality development.

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60+ events on rotation

Focus on sharing and win-win industry feast

The 36th pottery fair will be held during –

The 10th China Hotel Culture Festival and the 5th China Rental Apartment Entrepreneur Summit.

The 10th China Hotel Culture Festival and National Hotel Engineering Technology Application Forum.

Seeking momentum and moving towards the future – the seventh distributor conference “China Building and Sanitary Ceramics Industry Development White Paper (2020-2021)” released.

The new power of rock plate – the second Foshan Taoist Fair super live festival.

The second China Space Design + Creation Summit.

2021 International Building Materials Innovation Application Exchange Salon.

2021 China Rock Panel Summit.


60+ release activities that bring together new dynamics, new products, new displays and new trends in the building pottery industry, comprehensively boosting and empowering the growth and upgrading of building pottery brands, providing a platform for the release and exchange of new products, new technologies and new models for building pottery brands.


▶ Seeking momentum and tending to the future. The seventh dealer conference “China’s building sanitary ceramics industry development white paper (2020-2021)” was released.

April 19 afternoon, organized by the China Building and Sanitary Ceramics Association, China Building Materials Circulation Association, Foshan Ceramic Industry Association, Foshan Ceramic Society, Foshan Ceramic Fair Organizing Committee, “Ceramic Industry News Digest” support, Foshan China Ceramic City Group Co., Ltd. to host the “trend and move towards the future – the seventh dealer conference “China Building and Sanitary Ceramics Industry Development White Paper (2020-2021)” release, will be held in the Foshan International Convention and Exhibition Center Pavilion activities A.

The event invites Yin Hong, secretary-general of the Foshan Ceramic Industry Association, Long Bin, chairman of Nanchang Nixin Trade Co., Ltd. and Yu Min, president of Foshan China Ceramic City Group Co. Activities focus on industry trends, channel development, digital empowerment and other aspects of the ceramic industry in 2020 in the channel side of the development of the situation for in-depth analysis and interpretation, and the release of “2020-2021 China’s building and sanitary ceramics industry development white paper”.


▶ The second China Space Design + Creativity Summit

The afternoon of April 19, Foshan Pottery Fair and and Zhi Youxin jointly planned the “second China Space Design + Creative Summit” in China Ceramic City Exhibition Hall theme activity area.

The event as a whole is based around creating a stage for color tile brands to showcase and a bridge to establish deep links with designers, inviting Hong Yiyuan design founder and chief designer Zheng Hong, founder of Shan B construction Zhao Yiping, founder of Shuohan Creative Research and presiding designer Yang Mingbin. They use actual cases to talk about the application of color in the showroom/main house space, while combining with the ceramic brands in the color zone, the overall release of the 2021 tile color trends.


▶ The 10th China Hotel Culture Festival and the 5th China Rental Apartment Entrepreneur Summit

April 18, “the fifth China Rental Apartment Entrepreneur Summit” will be held in the 36th Foshan Taoist Fair China Ceramic City Pavilion activities area. This year’s Foshan Ceramic Fair links resources, cross-border invited many big names and apartment entrepreneur representatives to discuss the impact of the evolution of macro policies on the development of the housing rental industry, explore the development of public RELTs in China’s housing rental industry, and interpret the “Housing Rental Information Index Report”.


▶ Rock Panel Future – The 36th Foshan Pottery Fair Dealer Rock Panel Inspection and Matchmaking Mission

On April 18, China Ceramic City and Foshan Ceramic Fair, together with China Rock Slate – New Material Exhibition and Purchasing Base, will soon organize a dealer rock slate inspection matchmaking mission. About 15 people from furniture factories and dealers all over the country will focus on matchmaking with rock slate enterprises such as Huayan Pinzhi and LA’BOBO in order to reach investment joining intention.


▶ Redefining Architectural Rock Panel – China Rock Panel Application Summit Forum and Melchi Brand Strategy Conference

On April 18, “China Rock Panel Application Summit Forum and Melchi Brand Strategy Conference” was jointly held by China Academy of Building Standards and Design, Mona Lisa Group, Guangdong Green House Building Technology Engineering Co. With the theme of “redefining architectural rock panel”, the event will invite industry experts to discuss the innovative application and development opportunities of rock panel in the field of architectural decoration. At the same time, the event will also officially launch the new brand image of Melchi, the high-end rock panel brand of Mona Lisa Group, and show the products and application scenarios of Melchi rock panel for the architectural field in all aspects.


▶ New Wave of Kitchen High Definition Live Investment Conference

April 16 at 7 p.m., China Ceramic City will be combined with SIPM high-end stainless steel whole house custom, Maxim shower room and MINI custom together to open the “kitchen high definition new wave” live investment conference. On April 18, “kitchen high definition new wave” live investment conference offline docking group will organize 20 dealers, and will focus on the docking live investment conference intention brand.


▶ 2021 China Rock Panel Summit

2021 China Rock Panel Summit will be held on April 20.The General Assembly by the China Ceramic Headquarters China rock slab – new material display procurement base, invited rock slab show co-sponsored. The theme of the conference is “cross-domain rock slab, plan for the future”, together to create a feast of ideas focusing on rock slab trends, and focus on the development of rock slab industry exchange event.


▶ 2021 International Building Materials Innovation and Application Exchange Salon

In order to build a platform for exchange between overseas construction engineers and contractors and Chinese construction material enterprises, we discussed in depth the innovative application of new materials and technologies in construction projects and helped both sides to achieve deep cooperation. Foshan China Ceramic City Group and China Australia Chamber of Commerce – South China are jointly organizing the “2021 International Building Materials Innovation Application Exchange Salon”, which will be held on April 19, 2021.


▶ New opportunities, know the trend – Foshan Ceramic Fair live overseas shopping exhibition

The theme of this live broadcast to “new opportunities, know the trend”, the joint Maddich ceramics, Lion King International, Chuangpingao sanitary ware, China Tao sanitary ware, Belle sanitary ware, live broadcast of the latest products and developments, synchronous comprehensive display of the 36th Foshan Ceramic Fair exhibition hall site and industry trends, provide global buyers with a positive in-depth understanding of China’s ceramic sanitary industry opportunities to expand the international influence of China’s ceramic sanitary ware.


▶ Preparatory Meeting for the Establishment of Rock Panel Customized Home Branch and Rock Panel Customized Home Industry Seminar

April 19, by the China Building and Sanitary Ceramics Association, Foshan China Ceramic City Group, China Ceramic Headquarters China Rock Board – new material display and procurement base jointly organized by the Rock Board Custom Home Branch establishment preparatory meeting, and Rock Board Custom Home Industry Seminar will be held in China Ceramic Headquarters – Ceramic Theatre, 3rd floor multi-functional conference room.


Note: activities to the actual occurrence of the site shall prevail



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