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Children sanitaryware

If you are familiar with the history of European art, you must remember that there are some paintings in which the image of a child is the height of a child and the face of an adult. In the more than a thousand years of medieval history in Europe, Christianity believed that children came to the world with original sin, and educating children was to help children atone for sin. Therefore, children are treated as adults and cannot play. The image of most children in paintings will also become children with adult faces.
Nowadays, adults believe that children are the future, and the attention to children is getting higher and higher! This is the most obvious manifestation of human care! In the baby’s time, we go to the maternal and child room to change the diaper for the child and breastfeed!
And when the baby grow up, there will be ceraimic basins and urinals specially designed for children in the adult bathroom.
Does that dad bring a female child to a male toilet or a female toilet? Does the mother take the male child to the female toilet or the male toilet?
So now many shopping malls have begun to add parent-child toilets or family bathrooms! But if you observe carefully, you will find that most of the changes people make for children are also based on the distress of adults. For example, most people make changes for children’s basin in the adult bathroom only reduces the height, but does not consider the child’s arm length. Moreover, not only the shopping malls and toilets are in this situation, but some kindergartens are obviously institutions for children. The sanitary wares for children are still adult versions.
Kindergarten children come to a batch to go, the children’s bathroom here is the most reusable, and it is easy to buy and match in batches. Small toilets, urinals, children’s squatting pans, children’s wash basins, etc., specially designed sanitary wares for children, may become the tools purchased by kindergartens. Therefore, the design of sanitary ware can not only be reflected in the shrinking of adult sanitary wares, but also the development of children’s sanitary wares, focusing on children’s needs! The children’s products developed for children are obviously more childlike than the adult bathroom. Cute cartoon characters and bright colors will definitely attract children’s attention. Let the children like this tool specially developed for them. The width of the basin used by adults is about 45cm, while the longest average arm length of children aged 3-6 is only 37.3cm. Therefore, it is not acceptable for the children’s basin to be lowered in height, and the width should also be reduced. A custom-made basin for children, with a width of around 27cm, can be used by children from 3 to 6 years old. The height is only 45cm, and the average height of children after the age of three is above 90cm. The height of this basin is just right! In addition to the faucet basin, children’s closestools and urinals are the same. The height of the seat of the adult closestool is about 41cm, while the height of the child is only about 25cm, the height of the adult closestool is about 64cm, and the child urinal is only 25cm!

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