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Viga faucet gives you some advice on how to choose hand shower

After finishing the busy work, come back to the home to open the shower, let the fine water wash away the fatigue of the day, relax the body and get a good night’s sleep. With a hand-held shower, you can enjoy a more comfortable bathing experience!

First, look at the material


Showers made of brass or pure brass, although costly and expensive, are more expensive than other materials.

But brass can resist bacteria and keep water pure. It has good corrosion resistance and is not easy to rust.

The brass materials commonly used in the market have four grades of 52, 55, 59 and 62. Many domestic large-scale showers use 59 brass, which is of good quality and durable.

2. stainless steel

Stainless steel also has good corrosion resistance and is not easy to rust. However, stainless steel is limited by the high hardness of the material itself, and it is more difficult to make the shape. The smaller the size, the harder it is to make it harder. Therefore, many stainless steel showers are mostly used for top spray showers, and the size is better.

3. ABS

In the low-priced showers, ABS hand showers often appear.

Affordable, there are many styles to choose from, so many families, especially those who rent a house, will choose such a shower. Even if it has a shorter life, there is no pressure to change it.

This type of hand-held shower has a light hand feel and good thermal insulation performance. It won’t feel hot when you hold it in a hot bath for a long time.

The outlet mode of water

1.Natural water

Natural water is also considered the “basic” of the way of showering. The water was sprayed through the shower without any treatment.

2. bubble water

I often hear about the air in the advertisement, and that is the bubble water.

Its principle is to inject air, that is, there is an air groove inside the shower, and the air and water are mixed to form a water column, and the water in the shower becomes a “drop” feeling instead of a “spray” feeling. It’s like the rain is on the body, it’s fine and soft, and there is a feeling of dripping.

This air-enhanced technology is found in many mid- to high-end showers, giving a new bathing experience.

3. spray water

This type of water is also common, although the water coming out of the hand shower is also a “spray” feeling, but because the hand shower panel is specially designed, the water flows through the panel spray hole and becomes a mist.

The water mist covers a large area, covers more areas of the body when bathing, and has a soft mist effect, which is very comfortable without irritating the skin.

Third, see if the nozzle is easy to clean

I have determined the material of the hand shower and selected the water outlet method. Then I will see how the nozzle is.

It is best to choose a nozzle that is easy to clean. The flower is hand-sprayed for a long time, and it is inevitable that there are scales and impurities accumulation. Need to be cleaned up in time, otherwise it will be easy to block, which will affect the bathing experience and make the bath water quality worse.

The design of the nozzle is outstanding, which can be easily cleaned and avoid the blockage of the water outlet due to poor water quality.

Some of the nozzles are set to be an automatic cleaning design. It is better to buy such a hand-held shower head. The water scale is automatically clear every time the bath is used, which is more convenient to use. If the nozzle you bought does not have a self-cleaning function, it is best to choose a silicone faucet for daily cleaning.

Choosing a hand-held shower determines the comfort of the bath and makes the bathing time every day more enjoyable.

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