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Whichkindof shower faucet isbetter?

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Concealed shower mixer and exposed shower set

Shower faucets can be divided into exposed shower mixer and concealed shower mixer. Nowadays, in order to make the bathroom achieve an aesthetic effect, many families choose a concealed shower set with a concealed shower mixer that allows the shower hose to be completely embedded in the wall and can be used as a flat decoration.

So which kind of shower faucet is better? Let’s take a look at their advantages and disadvantages.

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First, the advantages and disadvantages

1.Concealed mixer shower:

The control part (spool) of the concealed shower is to be buried in the wall and connected to the hot and cold inlet pipe. The outlet pipe that supplies the shower water is also connected in the wall. After the installation, only the flower is seen on the wall. Sprinkled control panel and overhead shower, the wall has no extras, it can play a neat flat decoration on the wall.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

The overhead shower of the concealed shower is optional, and there are a variety of large-caliber shower heads that can be easily selected to meet the needs of large-area showers, with a shower experience that cannot be replaced by a wall-mounted shower. After the installed shower is installed on the wall, only the shower and control switch are left on the wall, which does not take up too much space in the bathroom. It is visually simple and elegant.

The disadvantage is that the main part of the shower is buried in the wall when the valve core is buried. If there is a problem with the valve core after a long time of use, such as leakage of the valve core interface, dripping of the shower, etc., the maintenance is troublesome and the wall needs to be opened. Repair or replace.

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2, Exposed mixer shower:

The exposed wall-mounted shower faucet is used in general households. The control body of the shower, the hand-held shower, etc. are all installed on the water supply port reserved for the wall. The height of the installation is limited by the product itself. Limitations.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

The wall-mounted shower head is usually composed of a shower faucet and a hand-held shower head. It also has a shower faucet and a shower column. The mounted shower is easy to install, just leave the shower faucet and the wall reserved for hot and cold. The water inlet is tightly connected and can be used after the shower rod or hand shower seat is fixed. The style is more optional than the concealed shower, and the price is cheaper than the installed shower. The disadvantage is that the control body and the water supply hose of the surface mounted shower are exposed to the outside of the wall, and the visual effect is not as good as the concealed shower. The shower body and the shower column also occupy some bathroom space.

Different families are suitable for different installation methods, and everyone can choose according to their actual family layout. The installation of the wall mounted shower is very convenient, but it will be easier to make the space smaller when installing a wall-mounted shower.


Second, the installation method:

1. The installation method of the surface installation is to first lay the tiles in the shower room, leave the hot and cold water outlet, and then install the shower column, such as top spray, hand shower, water, etc., according to personal hobbies and usage habits.

Advantages: easy to use, easy to maintain;

Disadvantages: the appearance is average, the shower column is the same, resulting in no bright spots in the shower room.

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2. The concealed shower is generally installed on the top of the head. It is space-saving in terms of space structure, but it is not so convenient to repair.

The concealed installation method is the in-line type of pipe. Before laying the tile, the pipe should be embedded in the wall, leaving the temperature adjustment port and the rain outlet and the lower exit. The specific depends on the style of the purchase. The requirements of the workers are also relatively high.

Advantages: beautiful, concise, space-saving, a lot of instant high;

Disadvantages: It becomes absolutely hard, and the wall on which the shower is placed has high requirements for waterproofing, and it takes a long time to use the problem of leaking water in the pipeline. It is very troublesome to open the tile.


In conclusion, choose a concealed shower or a wall-mounted shower according to your own shower habits and the actual situation of the home bathroom to create a warm and comfortable bathing environment and enjoy a high-quality shower experience.



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