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Decorating Tips | The Most Complete Guide To Buying A Shower Room Ever

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The shower room is an essential part of the bathroom.

Keeps the bathroom dry and separate from the wet to avoid the elderly and children from slipping and falling.

Keep the bathroom dry, thus can reduce the breeding of bacteria.

Keep the bathroom less heat dissipated and insulated against moisture in the fall and winter.

Reduce fog and extend the life of bathroom appliances.

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However, many people will worry about broken glass, collapsing, and leaks in the shower. How to select a safe and high-quality shower room? In this issue, we will teach you how to choose a shower room. Here are some details that are important!


1 Look at the origin

At present, there are four major shower bases in Zhongshan, Foshan, Xiaoshan and Pinghu, which are referred to as “three mountains and one lake” in the industry. The consumption grade is in descending order of high-end, mid-range, low-end, and quality. Consumers can make a suitable choice according to the decoration budget and the requirements of quality of life.

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2 Look at the glass

Be sure to choose safe and explosion-proof glass.

Glass is the core component of a shower. The safety of the glass is the most important aspect of purchasing a shower. Currently, almost all showers on the market use auto grade tempered glass.

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In terms of appearance, it is better if it is flat and glossy, translucent white and without heat patterns. It is inferior if it appears cloudy and shows greenish-black or orchid, many impurities, visual blurring and poor transparency. Then look at the glass on a corner to see whether the 3C logo and brand trademark (China Compulsory Product Certification) on the firing up, or the 3C certificate provided by the manufacturer.

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Then hit the glass with your hand. It is better if it makes a clear and crisp sound. In the event that the sound is muddy and muffled, it is inferior. Tempered glass is safety glass because it has the following characteristics: stronger resistance to wind pressure, heat and cold, and impact. When the glass is damaged by external forces, the fragments will become small particles similar to honeycomb and with a blunt angle, so it is not easy to cause harm to the human body.



Look at the material

The material of the shower is the metal frame that supports and moves the tempered glass. The material of the shower often has to support the weight of dozens of kilograms or even hundreds of kilograms of glass. Coupled with the fact that it has been left in a wet state for a long time, it will affect the life of the shower if the quality is not up to par. The two commonly used materials for shower rooms are aluminum and stainless steel.

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In terms of appearance, aluminum is good for its smooth and flat surface, smooth cut and soft and full color. It is second to those with more trachoma, pinholes and lines on the surface, and dark and black color. The quality of the port that can be quickly returned to its place and feel heavy with fingers is good. If it is very easy to deform and can not be reset and feel light, it is inferior. If the wall thickness is between 1.2 – 4.0mm, it is good; if the wall thickness is below 1.2, it is inferior.

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From the outside, if the surface of stainless steel is flat, no wavy pattern, with mirror effect, it is good. If its surface treatment is blurred, wavy lines and its color is dark and black, it is inferior. After touching with hands, if it feels smooth, flat and not scratchy, it is a good product. If it feels rough, astringent and scratchy, it is inferior.

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After determining the material, we should also focus on the plating. If the plating is shiny, lustrous, and the surface is flat, it is good. If the coating is dull and wavy, and its surface is sunken and scratched, it is inferior.


4 Look at the pulley

If you want to pull together smoothly, the quality of the pulley must also be good.


First of all, you should give the wheel seat of the pulley to use the material of pressure resistance and weight resistance, such as 304 stainless steel, high-end synthetic materials.


5 Look at the seal

The quality of the sealing strip determines the waterproofness of the shower room and should be taken into consideration. At present, in China, the best is PVC waterproof tape, because it has uniform material, strong light transmission, close to transparent, soft touch, good elasticity, wear and corrosion resistance, and the best water barrier. The next best is ABS, which has many impurities, easy to crack, poor elasticity, and poor sealing.



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