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Duravit Sales In China Exceed $1 Billion As Business In China Continues To Grow

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Duravit AG’s sales exceeded 600 million euros for the first time in fiscal year 2021, reaching 601 million euros, an increase of 28 percent. Business in Europe and China continued to grow. Sales in China amounted to approximately €139 million. According to a release from the CEO of Duravit AG, sales in China reached 1 billion RMB just before the end of December 2021.

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This screenshot is a screenshot of the Duravit AG CEO’s Collage message from Kitchen News on December 1, 2021

It is reported that most of the growth came from investments in China, where the market grew by 32%. The growth in China is mainly due to the recovery of the Chinese retail sector and the significant growth of the e-commerce channel. In addition, the demand for high-quality products in the Chinese market is also increasing, especially in the project business. The European market also saw significant growth in sales of assembled bathrooms, which rose by 26.8% to €328.6 million.

Duravit is focusing on classic wholesale and project business in the channel. It is reported that Duravit through the acquisition of e-commerce brand Bernstein brand and Bernstein-Badshop online platform for dual-brand development model. In the dual brand strategy, the Duravit brand is positioned as a retail brand. The new brand is an online focused e-commerce brand.



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