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Focus on repeat customers to promote secondary sales of Chinese faucet brands

Now there are many faucet enterprises only to explore new customers, ignoring the original old customer training, resulting in the loss of old customers from time to time. In fact, the cost of secondary sales is much lower than the cost of new sales, according to marketing principles, the cost of developing a new customer is 2-6 times the cost of maintaining an existing customer, and the theory of Reichhead and Suther even suggested that for every 5% reduction in customer churn, profits will increase by 25%-85%. This is also true for our faucet sales. Making a second sale is a very good and promising way to sell.

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The importance of the old customer for the faucet enterprise

The importance of a regular customer lies in his ability to continue to generate purchases and keep the business profitable. It is then especially important for faucet franchise dealers to tap into the secondary needs of their regular customers, or how to maximize the value of their existing customers. The toughest salesman in the world is said to be able to sell all of his products to the same person. It’s about maximizing the maximum value that can be extracted from a customer. Since faucets are big-ticket items that are typically used by consumers for years after purchase, it’s more challenging to facilitate a second sale to an existing customer. Salespeople can develop from the family and friends of old customers to facilitate new sales.

General old customers in the purchase of faucets long ago established a good relationship, as long as he has the potential, we must find ways to further expand or deepen cooperation. Especially some of the huge potential of the old customers, is to drug, in order to achieve immediate results, to set up a model market and create an excellent customer role model.

The second sales of old customers are generally two types. One is the old customers themselves demand, some customers may have a new kitchen decoration or new house renovation when you need to buy new faucets; Another is the customer itself is not very clear purchase intention and demand, but in our subjective guidance, produce purchase behavior.

Faucet enterprises should pay attention to customer “complaints”!

Value the customer’s “complaint” and turn it into a sales opportunity. This is a kind of special sales tools, complaints is the most found the problem of the link, problem solving is also the most likely to affect the customer’s impression of our factors. So treat “complaints”, is also a sales technique for old customers. Especially with kitchen appliances such as faucets, more or less always encounter problems, so how to deal with these after-sales problems is also another way of secondary sales.

Recruiting a new customer is often much more difficult than retaining an existing one, so faucet companies need to focus on the maintenance of existing customers. Only under the premise of paying attention to the solid old customers, the company can get bigger and bigger. Otherwise, in the development of new customers at the same time, but also the loss of a number of old customers, is not more than the loss.



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