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Is the electric faucet safe?

As we all know, the faucet is very important to our daily life, but nowadays there are many brands in the market, so someone asked me if the electric faucet is safe?
The electric hot water faucet is composed of the faucet body and the water flow control switch. The faucet body is equipped with a heating cavity and an electric appliance control cavity, which are separated by a sealing plate. A heating circuit is arranged in the electric appliance control cavity, and a heating tube is arranged in the heating cavity. Generally, the hot water can be heated and released in 3-5 seconds after turning on the electric hot water faucet. There is an electrical switch in the heating circuit, which is connected to the end of the insulated water pressure switch, which is used to turn on and off the water and electricity; and the set temperature controller and anti-drying The burning device is used to prevent leakage and play the role of a protection switch.

The electric hot water faucet is a necessary small household appliance in modern home life. It has the characteristics of fast water output, convenient installation, separate water and electricity settings, high safety, energy saving and environmental protection, no pollution, novel design, beautiful appearance, and economical benefits. Electric hot water faucet is a small household appliance commonly used in kitchens and toilets. It is the best choice for convenient use of hot water in the kitchen, such as washing vegetables, washing dishes, cleaning, bathroom hand washing, washing face, washing hair, and laundry. It solves the daily demand for hot water in family life and public places, allowing you to use hot water 24 hours a day.

The electric hot water faucet adopts humanized design, classic and elegant, highlights the beauty, highlights the extraordinary, compact and convenient; and there is hot water 24 hours a day, open the faucet, there will be hot water in 5 seconds, so you can use it whenever you want; Hot water can be released, cold water can also be released, it can be used for both cold and heat, and the water temperature can be adjusted freely; using advanced reset and fuse dual temperature control system, the temperature is controlled through the transmission of intelligent heat induction, which increases the use of electric hot water faucets Safety and longevity; In addition, a switch leakage automatic control device is added to the design of the faucet. If there is a current leakage, the electric heating faucet will automatically trip and cut off the power supply within 0.1 seconds to protect the person more safely.



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