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Four Departments: Encourage Cooperation Between Home Furnishing Enterprises And Housing Enterprises To Promote Smart Home Scenes On The Ground

Four Departments: Encourage Cooperation Between Home Furnishing Enterprises And Housing Enterprises To Promote Smart Home Scenes On The Ground

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the General Office of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the General Office of the Ministry of Commerce, and the General Office of the General Administration of Market Regulation jointly issued the Action Plan for Promoting High-Quality Development of Home Industry (hereinafter referred to as “the Plan”), which clearly encourages home enterprises and telecommunication operators, Internet, and Real estate enterprises to strengthen cooperation to promote smart home in the home security, intelligent kitchen, intelligent sleep, health bathroom and other more life scenarios on the ground.

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Home industry covers household appliances, furniture, hardware products, lighting appliances and other industries. This is an important industry for people’s livelihood and an important carrier to meet the needs of the people’s good life. The Program points out that in recent years, in the consumption upgrade and technological progress, the development of the home industry has steadily improved the quality and efficiency. It presents the development trend of integration, intelligence, health and green. However, it also faces problems such as insufficient innovation leading in key industries, low level of quality refinement, and insufficient development of intelligence. Home consumption demand is still to be further stimulated and released.

The Program requires accelerating the construction of the standard system in the field of smart home, carrying out basic standard research and standard application demonstration from single product intelligence to device interconnection and then to scene interoperability, and promoting the development of mutual trust, interconnection and interoperability in the industry. Develop cross-field integration standards for multiple products involved in home scenes, and form a series of home environment standards for bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, study rooms, etc. to support personalized home experience in multiple scenes. Accelerate the research of safety standards for smart home data collection, storage, use, processing, transmission, provision and other processing links, and strengthen data security protection. Prioritize the promotion of household appliances, furniture, lighting appliances in the field of infants, the elderly and other special groups of people related to the standard system revision. Encourage the development of rapid adaptation to technological development and market demand in the field of home group standards. Support key industries to actively participate in the development and revision of international standards.


Support enterprises oriented to the use of convenient, safe and comfortable home environment needs. Based on the intelligent application of products, integrate rich scenarios and individual needs, and expand the scenario experience and value-added services such as clothing, food, housing, learning, entertainment, recreation and health. Encourage home enterprises and telecom operators, Internet, construction and real estate enterprises to strengthen information exchange, technology research and development, standards development, marketing and other cooperation to promote smart home in home security, smart kitchen, smart sleep, health bathroom and other more life scenarios. Standardize smart home system platform architecture, network interface, networking requirements and application scenarios, and promote interconnection and interoperability of smart home related products and data across brands and enterprises and terminals. Support the integration and innovation of smart home technology and space art to build integrated, artistic and intelligent living space.

The Program clearly strengthens intelligent home appliances, green furniture, intelligent lighting and other key products with international quality product quality comparison, supports enterprises to target advanced benchmarking for technological transformation and improve product quality. Strengthen the quality and safety supervision of household appliances, lamps and lanterns, mattresses, children’s furniture and other product quality, increase the production and sales of counterfeit and shoddy products, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and enterprises.

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In addition, to promote green and intelligent home products to the countryside, encourage enterprises to develop personalized, customized, healthy and intelligent green home appliances for the rural market, through new retail, rural e-commerce and other ways to promote channels and market sinking, promotional concessions, trade-in, exchange for abandonment and other activities to improve the marketing network and after-sales service, and promote rural residents to upgrade consumption.

The Program specifies that by 2025, the innovation capacity of the household industry will be significantly enhanced and the supply of high-quality products will be significantly increased. It initially formed a positive cycle of supply creating demand, demand traction supply of higher levels. In the household appliances, lighting appliances and other industries cultivate manufacturing innovation center, digital transformation promotion center and other innovation platforms. The level of integration of two key industries reached 65%, and a number of 5G fully connected factories, smart manufacturing demonstration factories and excellent application scenarios were cultivated.

By 2025, the proportion of personalized customization such as reverse customization, whole-house customization and scenario-based integrated customization will steadily increase, the supply of green, intelligent and healthy products will increase significantly, and the development of new industries such as smart home will be accelerated. Cultivate about 50 well-known brands and 10 home ecological brands in the home industry, promote a number of excellent products, establish 500 smart home experience centers, cultivate 15 high-level specialty industry clusters, and promote home brand quality consumption with high-quality supply.



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