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Healthy faucets: keeping kids safe from lead threats

Mother, the storm at sea comes, and the little bird hides in its nest. The storm in my heart comes, and I hide only in your arms.” This is from the Iceheart poem, “Mother. Whether animal or human, when struck, they will surely find solace in the love of a mother. A mother’s love is great and warm and will not let her baby get hurt a little. But life’s little pitfalls are always on the safe side, and the taps that babies use on a daily basis can cause them harm.

Once, the CCTV financial channel “economic half-hour” reporter sent copper samples collected in the tap production family workshop in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province to the Beijing Institute of Geology of the nuclear industry for testing. The inspector on the faucet material for 12 hours of immersion, the results show that the immersion sample water, lead content is significantly higher than (normal) tap water lead content, reached 405 micrograms (per) liter.

This result is shocking! Experts say that the usual copper and copper faucet castings in the lead content is 4-8%, when the faucet material is too high in lead content, the resulting lead pollution can cause great harm to the reproductive system, kidney function and the nervous system of adults, not to mention the young children. So, how to choose a healthy faucet, is a pressing concern for many mothers.

VIGA brand faucet selection of copper is environmentally friendly low lead copper, copper content of more than 59%, lead content is far below the national standard. General faucet copper lead content is 4% -8%, and VIGA faucet can do lead content of less than 0.5%, truly guarantee the safety of family water.

The editor had the privilege to visit the VIGA bathroom factory, the factory independently set up two environmental protection copper gravity casting furnace, only casting production of environmental protection copper faucet. Environmental protection copper casting furnace copper water twice a day to the laboratory, through the spectrum detector to detect and analyze the copper water elemental content is normal, to ensure that in the casting process there will be no other impurities mixed with copper, so that the product’s lead content to meet industry standard requirements.

Ms. Li, a user of VIGA Health Faucet, is a white collar worker with a four-year-old daughter at home. Ms. Li loves cleanliness and often urges her children to wash their hands frequently, but when she used to use ordinary faucets, she always felt unsettled. On a friend’s recommendation, she switched to VIGA’s health faucet, which contains very little lead and is safe for her family to use, and most importantly, for her young daughter to use.

The material life like Ms. Li is more affluent mother, will pay more attention to the pursuit of health, especially to the care of small family members more attentive. Lead is very close to our lives, but it is a dangerous element that can damage our health.



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