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Is a thermostatic shower mixer worth buying?

We all know that the main purpose of bathing is to remove dirt on the skin surface, but we don’t know whether it is better to use hot water or cold water. The scientific answer is hot water. Because sweat (salt) and sebum emitted by the human body are better soluble in hot water, hot water bath has a better effect on removing “garbage” from the skin. So what does this have to do with thermostats?

Scientifically, the temperature of the shower water should not exceed 40 degrees, because if the water temperature is too high, the blood vessels will be greatly expanded, resulting in cerebral hypoxia, cerebral ischaemia or dizziness, nausea and other symptoms. In severe cases, it may also cause coma. Or sudden death. The minimum temperature should not be lower than 10 degrees, because when the temperature of the cold water is too low, the human body will feel cold and produce a series of stress reactions, such as faster heartbeat, increased blood pressure, muscle contraction, and nervousness, etc. It is easy to cause a cold and should be avoided as much as possible. For those with poor physical constitution, it is even more impossible to take a bath with cold water, otherwise the resistance is poor, and cold and fever may cause diseases such as cold and fever. In addition to these obvious effects, overheated water makes blood circulation faster, further worsening itchy skin. So using a thermostatic shower faucet is the best option.

We all know that non-constant faucets take a long time to adjust the water temperature before taking a bath, especially some households using electric water heaters. After adjusting the water temperature, the longer the washing time, the water temperature will become lower and lower, and even cold and hot, so It is common to repeatedly adjust the temperature, which has a great impact on the enjoyment of the shower, and also has a great impact on health. The root cause of the above-mentioned events is that these problems arise due to the inconsistent water pressure of the hot and cold water outlet pipes.

If your home is a thermostatic shower faucet at this time, you don’t need to worry about these problems. Because the thermostatic faucet automatically controls the temperature, the temperature-sensitive original inside the faucet will expand according to the temperature to limit the output of cold and hot water, and the water temperature will not be affected by the change of water pressure.

When you know the benefits of a thermostatic faucet, are you hesitant to replace a thermostatic shower faucet? Don’t hesitate. Contact us now, VIGA faucet has a variety of high-quality thermostatic shower faucets for you to choose, so that you can enjoy a comfortable hot bath in winter.

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