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What are the faucet fittings?

Faucet fittings——cartridge

The function of this fitting is to control the speed and flow of water. It is a key part of the faucet. The function of the valve core is achieved by its own rotation. Its maximum rotation angle is 90 degrees. There are many types of cartridges, mainly steel ball cartridge, ceramic cartridge, silicone cartridge, etc. And the ceramic cartridge has the longest service life and the most durable.

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Faucet accessories-main body

Generally speaking, the main body refers to the entire external body of the faucet. In addition to our most common stainless steel bodies, there are all types of zinc alloy body,cast iron, and brass bodies on the market. Among them, the brass body is the best quality for faucets production.


Faucet fittings-hose
With the hose, when we turn on the faucet, water flows out. Stainless steel hose is the most common one, and it is also the best quality and the most durable in the hose. Try not to choose aluminum wire material when choosing the hose.

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Faucet Accessories-Handle
The handle is our tool for turning on and off the faucet. Its function is simple, but it is indispensable. Because the handle is used many times, the handle is generally easy to break, so its material is very important, pay attention when purchasing.


Faucet fittings-aerator
The aerator is a small sign of the progress of the faucet. With the aerator, the water in the faucet no longer flows out, but becomes softer, because the aerator intercepts the water flow and changes it. Into countless soft little aerator.

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Faucet fittings-rubber parts
Rubber parts (O ring)  play a role of filling and sealing at the joint of the faucet. With its existence, the faucet will not leak water.

Faucet fittings-mounting parts
The mounting parts are some small tools for installing faucets, which mainly include various screws, horseshoe pads, etc. With them, the faucets can be installed and function.


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Tips for choosing faucet fittings:
At home,If some of the faucet fitting is broken, we need to go out and buy a new one. There are also many tips in this that need our attention:

1. Look at the material, different fittings, different materials, the degree of durability is different, from the economic point of view, we should choose the best material accessories.

2. Look at the surface treatment. The plating is handled well. The faucet not only looks beautiful, it will also be more corrosion-resistant and durable in use.

3. Pay attention to the size. This is a point that we tend to overlook. When buying, you must first understand the approximate size of each part of your own faucet, otherwise you cannot use it when you buy it home.

4. When choosing the handle, try to choose the one with a large range of rotation and gentle movement, which is more convenient to use.

5. The material of the main body of the faucet is preferably bronze or brass. This material is not easy to oxidize and corrode, and is durable.

6. The rubber parts must be of good quality, so that the tightness of the faucet can be guaranteed, and water leakage is a common and difficult problem to solve.



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