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The Industry’s Only! 5G Cloud Intelligence Explorer And Practitioner JOMOO Lin Xiaofa Selected For The Heavy List

The Industry’s Only! 5G Cloud Intelligence Explorer And Practitioner JOMOO Lin Xiaofa Selected For The Heavy List


Recently, China Building Materials magazine unveiled the “Top Ten Newsmakers in the Building Materials Industry in 2021”, JOMOO Group Party Secretary and Chairman Lin Xiaofa and the world’s top 500 enterprises China Building Materials Group Party Secretary and Chairman Zhou Yuxian, Conch Group Party Secretary and Chairman Wang Cheng were successfully selected. Lin Xiaofa is the only entrepreneur selected in the industry, and is evaluated as a “5G cloud intelligence explorer and practitioner”.

Lin Xiaofa led JOMOO to create the world’s first “Yongchun ceramic 5G intelligent cloud lighthouse factory” overturned the outside world on the toilet factory high pollution, high energy consumption impression, but also let the industry see the future of the bathroom factory. This has played a role in promoting the progress and development of the industry.

Toilet With 5G Technology, To Create A World Lighthouse Factory

Global management master Kenichi Ohmae said that the ability of a company is reflected in the “risk hedging of the invisible future” and “the layout of the visible future”. When the world was talking about 5G technology, Lin Xiaofa thought of combining traditional toilet manufacturing with 5G technology.

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As we all know, the digital transformation of traditional industry is a big project, also known as a handful of enterprise projects. It is a big investment, slow to yield results, and full of unknowns. If it is not the determination of a handful of enterprises, the promotion work often encounters resistance, and ultimately can not be implemented. As the helmsman of JOMOO, Lin Xiaofa made a prompt decision to take the lead in the industry to open the 5G technology in the bathroom field to explore the application.

5G technology is the global cutting-edge information technology, and JOMOO is the first to try to use in the field of traditional sanitary ware, which is a very bold and challenging thing in the international arena. In the past decades, this is a rare national brand ahead of the international brands to promote the global toilet technology progress. JOMOO’s innovative exploration will bring new horizons for the bathroom industry.

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Not surprisingly, once the JOMOO Yongchun ceramic 5G intelligent cloud lighthouse factory was put into operation, it overturned the outside world’s view of the traditional sanitary industry. JOMOO5G factory spray glaze can work 24 hours a day. It is three times more efficient than manual, and the uniformity is 100%. Within 35 seconds, the JOMOO5G factory can also complete a 360-degree surface quality inspection of ceramic toilets. It is ten times more efficient than manual labor. Compared with traditional ceramic factories, the per capita output of the JOMOO5G factory is 35% higher. More critically, energy consumption is significantly reduced.

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JOMOO “Yongchun ceramic 5G intelligent cloud lighthouse factory” project was selected as the national Ministry of Industry and Information Technology “5G + industrial Internet” typical application scenarios and key industry practices. It has become the industry benchmark demonstration. In 2021, JOMOO was included in the “2021 National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise” of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

After completing the digital transformation of the toilet factory, JOMOO has been working non-stop on other bathroom category factories to upgrade the 5G technology in addition. It also joined Huawei, China Telecom to start JOMOO5G smart manufacturing demonstration industrial park project. They will expand the use of 5G technology from smart manufacturing to the park, which will open up new applications in smart manufacturing, smart production, remote control, machine vision, smart parks and other areas. Lin Hsiao-fa said that JOMOO has launched a pilot carbon-neutral world lighthouse factory, which will create an industry benchmark for the world.


Leading JOMOO Hit The Road To The Rise Of National Brands

The success of the digital transformation of private enterprises represented by JOMOO is also helping the rise of national brands, thus triggering subtle changes in the market. More and more people find that Chinese brands, the Chinese market has become more and more different from the original perceived. “Foreign brands don’t smell as unpopular anymore”. In the Beijing Winter Olympics, Chinese elements frequently dominate the hotlist.

JOMOO as the representative of the national brand has also come into the limelight together.

In fact, in 2018, JOMOO became the exclusive supplier of sanitary ware for the Bird’s Nest, the main venue of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, and provided the Bird’s Nest with the world’s leading level of sanitary products and the highest specifications of cleaning and maintenance, pass inspection and maintenance, project stationing and other services.

In addition, people also found in the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Potala Palace, Badaling Great Wall, the Great Zhaosi Temple, Yungang Grottoes, Dunhuang Mogao Caves, the Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s Mausoleum, Xi’an Tablet Forest and other top Chinese cultural landmarks and famous scenic spots such as Mount Huashan, Wutai Mountain, JOMOO carried the flag of the national brand. Lin Xiaofa said: “JOMOO is the ‘light of the national brand’. It takes on the responsibility of the national brand, with the power of science and technology, together to promote cultural heritage. It uses patriotic sentiment to open a new national trend, a new journey, a new future!”.

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JOMOO is the fastest growing brand in the bathroom industry. It has been at the top of the industry for 11 consecutive years, and it has been ranked for the fourth time among the “Top 500 Asian Brands” list published by the World Brand Lab (World Brand Lab), and has become the No. 1 brand in the Asian bathroom industry.


Lin Xiaofa said, JOMOO has opened a “global intelligent bathroom leader” strategy. It will build to create a green benchmark in the global sanitary industry. From “China’s first” to “the world’s first”, it has experienced a decade. It leads the national brand to open a new journey of internationalization, changing the world with Chinese intellectual manufacturing.



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