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Regret The Installation Of Floor Heating In The Bathroom. After Moving In, Just Found Out It’s So Not Worth It!

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To install underfloor heating in the bathroom or not? Many people must have struggled with this problem. Although there are many ways of heating, the comfort brought by floor heating is stronger. But, is the bathroom really suitable for installing floor heating?



Should I install underfloor heating in the bathroom?

Although floor heating is good, it is generally not recommended to install in the bathroom. First of all, most families’ bathrooms will be installed with bath bombs, electric towel racks, etc.. With these heating devices, installing floor heating again seems a bit redundant.

Secondly, most bathrooms are under-sink type. After doing the ground treatment and waterproofing, the height of the floor is sacrificed. Then pavement heating will look more compact. Furthermore, the bathroom has many water pipes, and the distribution is intricate and complex, which will add some difficulty to the laying of floor heating.

Finally, the floor heating pipes should be laid underneath the waterproofing layer, which in turn will block some of the heat, ultimately leading to a significant reduction in the overall heating effect.

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How to heat the bathroom?

In addition to the laying of floor heating, there are these heating methods.


Heaters are the most common way of heating in the north, and are heated by coal-fired boilers that heat water. It is piped into the heaters in thousands of homes to help raise the room temperature. Its disadvantage is uneven heating effect, as well as poor aesthetics, which will occupy a certain amount of indoor space.

Bath heater

There are two kinds of bath bombs: air heating bath bombs and light heating bath bombs. In general, you will only open it when the bath.

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The air heating bath can usually be used as a heater. In comparison, there are some limitations of the light heating bath bar, such as a single heating area, low security, etc.

Electric towel rack

A carbon fiber electric towel rack is equivalent to a small heater, with a certain heating effect. However, generally speaking, an electric towel rack can only assist in heating. It is obviously not enough in the cold winter. Therefore, the electric towel rack can be used with the bath bar or other heating equipment.



In summary, the bathroom is generally not recommended to install floor heating. But you can use a heater, bath bar, electric towel rack and other heating equipment to warm.



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