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The 16th China Kitchen and Bathroom Industry Summit Forum

On November 28, the 16th China Kitchen and Bathroom Industry Summit Forum, “Take root in the local area and seek international success” was held in Foshan.

The event was sponsored by the Home Furnishing Branch of the China Industrial Cooperation Association, Kitchen and Bathroom Information, and Taowei.com, co-organized by the China Ceramics Headquarters Base/China Slate New Material Display and Purchasing Base, and supported by many bathroom companies


GOLD sanitary ware:Specialize in and strengthen the core business sector, and deeply cultivate the local market

After more than 20 years of development, Gold Sanitary Ware has now become a company that provides overall bathroom space solutions such as ceramics, smart bathrooms, and shower rooms.

Gold Medal Sanitary Ware started out with ceramic products, so the ceramic sanitary ware section, whether it is craftsmanship, production, core technology or user reputation, is very good, and it has always been one of the more important categories of Gold Medal.

After 2000, Gold Medal Sanitary Ware began to develop from a single ceramic sanitary ware to an integral sanitary ware, and also developed rapidly in bathroom cabinets, hardware, and leisure products.
Later, in 2019, the shower room production base was moved to Zhongshan, and the advantages of the production area were used to further improve the R&D innovation and production efficiency of the shower room.
These actions are all for the purpose of refining and strengthening the overall bathroom section. Especially in the intelligent and customized sections, which are the two categories that Gold Medal Sanitary Ware strives to create, and are the focus of future development.

Gold Sanitary Ware has always been a domestic-oriented brand. First of all, it must take root in its own local market and operate in a refined manner.
Similarly, in overseas markets, we still need to learn how to localize the brand, build a localized team, and truly integrate into the local culture and environment.


WOMA: Chinese brands must do what they can to go global, and strive to become regional international brands first

Suma Sanitary Ware has been established for more than 20 years. From glass basins to bathtubs, steam rooms, shower rooms, and bathroom cabinets, they are constantly changing with consumption trends.

The products of Suma Sanitary Ware mainly focus on the elderly and health care. Products suitable for the elderly have become the flagship products of Suma Sanitary Ware, and the core point is to persist in research and development.
At that time, I saw the problem of aging in China. If the living and living space of the elderly in China were in accordance with international health care standards, there would be a lot of room for improvement and a market. In this regard, we have been working hard.
We were originally a district-level R&D center, then a municipal-level R&D center, and became a provincial-level R&D center in 2015.
With the continuous upgrading of the engineering research and development center, the investment in products is also increasing.

As for the overseas market, I think that Chinese brands still have to do what they can to go global, and first strive to become a regional international brand.
Our exports are mainly bathtubs, which are mainly used in developed countries. The more developed countries are, the lower their recognition of Chinese brands will be. If you want to be a brand, you must first become an industry brand. People in the industry will recognize you, and then become a consumer brand, and consumers will recognize you again. It takes a long way to go.

On the one hand, aiming at your own regional market Start to accumulate gradually.


Slowe: Helping bathroom products become more electrified, intelligent and integrated

Slowe has just stepped into the bathroom. At present, Slowe has launched hot water showers, hot water bathroom cabinets, hot water faucets and other fist products. Sanitation pays attention to appearance and space design, and electrical appliances pay attention to functionality. Therefore, functions Culture is a strong point for Slowe
Next, we will also improve the design aesthetics from the product appearance and strengthen the international tone. The trend of hot water bathroom cabinets in the future is the wall cabinet model and home customization. At present, Slowe has developed more than a dozen wall cabinet trend products, which are undergoing the polishing and test of the market.


Haoshun Technology: Be optimistic and focus on strategy

Every era has its own characteristics. Enterprises must make some changes according to the right time, place and people, and the current situation.
In the current environment, we should remain optimistic. Emphasizing strategically and tactically, most companies can survive this predicament in the end.



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