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The Different of Concealed And Exposed Bathroom Shower

When making 3D house design drawings, the owner of the house must determine the laying of the waterway. This will affect the decoration style of the bathroom.
There are also many options for bathroom shower, such as exposed shower sets, simple shower sets, and concealed shower sets.
In modern times, many people are more and more inclined to choose concealed shower sets. Then this article will explain the difference between these three shower sets.


bathroom shower

Concealed bathroom shower, exposed shower and simple shower set

1.Concealed Shower set

Concealed Bathroom shower is that the shower pipe is hidden inside the wall, and only the shower head and switch are exposed. In addition, concealed showers are also divided into embedded top showers and side-spray functional showers.

Advantages: It does not occupy the bathroom space, and the appearance is simple and elegant.

Disadvantages: The construction difficulty is slightly higher, and the wall needs to be chiseled and buried in advance; the later maintenance is inconvenient, and the maintenance is more troublesome.
Suggestion: choose a well-known brand with guaranteed quality. Such as Hansgrohe, Grohe, etc.


2. Exposed mounted shower

The exposed shower means that the shower is directly installed on the wall after the bathroom is decorated, and the shower water supply hose of the exposed shower is exposed outside. This installation method is also relatively common.

Advantages: easy installation, easy maintenance. price is favorable.

Disadvantages: occupying bathroom space, unsightly vision; the main body of water control and water supply hose are exposed outside the wall, which is prone to bumps.


3.Simple bathroom shower set

The simple shower set is a bathtub faucet or bathroom faucet, with a shower seat or sliding bar, a hand shower and water inlet pipe, no head shower.

Advantages: easy installation, easy maintenance. Lowest cost, suitable for small bathrooms.

Disadvantages: The collocation is simple and the vision is not beautiful; it only meets the simple cleaning effect.


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