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The price of the faucet differs by several times and how to buy it

Yesterday, when I visited some building materials markets in Lanzhou, I found that faucets with various prices ranging from a few yuan to a thousand yuan were mixed, and it was difficult for consumers to judge the faucets with heavy metal content and leaking water. Experts remind that consumers can judge the quality of the faucet by checking the accessories and electroplating layer when buying, and ask for a test report when buying to prevent heavy metals from exceeding the standard.

Yesterday, when I visited the Yantan Furniture Market in Lanzhou and some building materials markets in Lanhai Commercial City, I found that the price of branded faucets mostly ranged from 300 to 1,000 yuan. In many small shops selling hardware products, the prices of faucets sold From tens to hundreds of yuan, the cheapest faucet price is only 8.5 yuan, the price difference is dozens of times.

In the Yantan Furniture Market, a salesperson named “Jianhua Hardware Sanitary Ware”, Mr. Zhang said that the price of faucets for kitchen and bathroom is relatively different due to different materials and uses. Copper faucets are relatively expensive and generally Above 200 yuan, the price of plastic and alloy faucets is relatively low, ranging from 50 yuan to 100 yuan. In TOTO, Kohler, Kludi and other brand bathroom stores, it is learned that the price of faucets for ordinary kitchen and bathroom basins is several to ten times higher than that of faucets sold in hardware stores.

When asked how the faucet price gap is so large and how to guarantee the quality, most stores said that the quality of the faucet is directly proportional to the price, and most faucets less than tens of yuan have no warranty.

At the same time, during the visit, it was found that the national standards on the outer packaging of the faucets sold on the market were different, and some faucets using the old national standards were still on sale. Some businesses said they did not know whether they contained heavy metals and whether they met the new national standard.

Remind to ask the dealer for a test report when purchasing

Zhu Tonghong, an engineer of the Provincial Mechanical and Electrical Quality Inspection Station, said that in December last year, my country implemented a new national standard for faucets “Ceramic Sheet Sealing Faucet”, which stipulated the precipitation of 17 heavy metals in the Faucet.

“Although the new standards have been adopted, there are many products with substandard quality on the market, and it is difficult for consumers to judge from the appearance.” Zhu Tonghong suggested that consumers can buy products produced by formal manufacturers, and choose surface coating from the appearance. Good layer, electroplating layer, fine organization, polished and shiny faucet; check whether the cold and hot water logo is clear, the cold water logo is on the right, the hot water logo is on the left; the accessories and handles are light and free of blocking when operating, and the accessories are not Looseness; check the thread accuracy, the faucet and the pipeline can not cooperate normally, which may cause running, emission, dripping, leakage or damage to the pipeline and fittings.

At the same time, consumers should also ask the dealer for a test report to ensure that the faucet purchased does not have the problem of excessive heavy metals.



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