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Xi’an market spot check results released

The reporter was informed that in the first quarter of this year, the Quality Supervision Bureau of Xi’an City conducted supervision and random inspections on the quality of 8 products including casual clothing, women’s leather shoes, converters (slats), taps, and ceramic tiles, involving 200 of 140 companies. In batches of sampled products, 185 batches passed the inspection, with an average pass rate of 92.5%. Among them, local production enterprises sampled all qualified products, while the 190 batches sampled by sales enterprises were found to be unqualified 15 batches with a pass rate of 92.1 %.

A batch of men’s jackets has poor color fastness and women’s leather shoes are of better quality

Casual clothing this time focused on supervision and spot checks on a total of 15 companies in major shopping malls and supermarkets, a total of 25 batches were sampled, and 24 batches were qualified after inspection, with a pass rate of 96.0%. A men’s jacket at Wal-Mart Xi’an Jinhua South Road branch (nominal production unit: Shenzhen Zuomeng Industrial Co., Ltd.; nominal trademark: ZUON? MENS; specification model: 185/100A; article number/style number: FJ14D02) detected friction resistance The color fastness is unqualified. The failure of this project is mainly due to the manufacturer’s use of dyes with low color fastness, poor fixing technology or insufficient rinsing after dyeing. Dye staining is prone to occur, which can pollute clothes and affect appearance, and pollute skin. affect health.

Xi’an market spot check results released

Xi’an market spot check results released

The men’s and women’s trousers and women’s leather shoes in this sampling all meet the standards. At present, most of the women’s leather shoes sold in Xi’an market are products of foreign companies, mainly produced in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other provinces. The overall quality of women’s leather shoes is relatively good.

Buy led lights and converters away from these products

Very common light source products in household lighting, if unqualified lamps are used, it will affect the health of the eyes, and long-term use may even cause symptoms such as vision loss and blindness. After this time, a total of 15 companies in major shopping malls, supermarkets and building materials markets were supervised and spot-checked. A total of 20 batches were sampled. 15 batches of qualified products were inspected, and the pass rate was 75%.

The five batches of unqualified products are all LED lights, and the unqualified items are indicators, power and color characteristics. The nominated manufacturers of the products in question are Foshan Electric Lighting Co., Ltd., Guangdong Futian Electric Co., Ltd., Omeijia Lighting Appliance Factory, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Baina Lighting Factory, Zhongshan Guzhen Town, and Zhongshan Xiding Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. . Except for one of the inspected units is Ruiteng Lighting Company in Yanta District, the rest are in the North Third Ring Road Tongtai Lighting Market.

The converter is commonly known as a power strip, also called a power strip, a power strip, and a wiring board. If you use a product that does not meet the standard, it may cause the softening and deformation of the insulating material, which may cause danger. The quality supervision department inspected 30 batches of 19 companies, and found that 1 batch of products was unqualified in heat resistance. The unit of the defective product was Shaanxi Yonghui Supermarket Co., Ltd. (nominal manufacturer: Shenzhen Jiawei Ke Furniture Products Co., Ltd.; Specification Model: CP-A404).

These faucets are easy to seep water. One ceramic tile is not enough in size

At present, there are no faucet manufacturers in Xi’an. Most of the faucets sold on the market are produced in Guangdong, Shenzhen, Foshan and other provinces and cities. The scale of enterprises is different, and the quality varies greatly. After sampling 20 batches of products, the pass rate was 80%. The 4 batches of unqualified products were mainly because the pipe thread accuracy and the strength performance of the water inlet part did not meet the standards, which easily caused water leakage and even the shell burst. The products in question are Lizhi angle valve (inspected unit: Hongyu Hardware; nominal manufacturer: Beijing Runde Hongtu Technology Development Co., Ltd.; specification model: F304), ceramic core water 6kgf/cm2

Leading (inspected unit: Taiwan Sun Moon Lake Sanitary Ware; nominal manufacturer: Nan’an Nanhaomen Sanitary Ware Factory; specification model: 6kgf/cm2), ceramic core faucet (inspected unit Wrigley Sanitary Ware; nominal manufacturer: Quanzhou Feisen Sanitary Ware Sanitary ware factory; specification model: 0.6MPa), kitchen faucet (horizontal) (inspected unit: Wal-Mart (Shaanxi) Department Store Co., Ltd.; nominal manufacturer: Shenzhen Meiliju Trading Co., Ltd.; specification model: DDP-F).

In addition, after a random inspection of 30 batches of ceramic tiles, one batch of products was detected as substandard in size. The inspected unit is Tao Muran Ceramics Distribution Department of Weiyang District (nominal manufacturer: Jinjiang Baoda Ceramics Co., Ltd.; specification model: 100×200). In response to the problems found in this product quality supervision and random inspection, the Xi’an Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision requires all sub-county bureaus to deal with the problem enterprises in accordance with the law, especially for products whose quality does not meet the national mandatory standards, order the enterprises to stop production and sales , Delisting, delisting and other corresponding administrative penalties, in accordance with relevant regulations, supervise the confiscation and destruction of substandard products or make necessary technical treatment.



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