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These Three Toilets Detection Health Technologies Will Be Clinically Tested In The US, Israel And Japan

These Three Toilets Detection Health Technologies Will Be Clinically Tested In The US, Israel And Japan

Israeli digital health startup OutSense has been awarded a number of patents for key innovations in IoT technology, according to foreign media reports on 23 June. The technology gains life-saving medical insights by analysing human excrement. The company has filed a series of three patents covering elements of its medical toilet sensor.

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Three Toilets Detection Health Technologies

The first OutSense toilets detection health technologies is for the detection of blood hidden in the toilet bowl. This OutSense device uses reflected light from the toilet to determine the optical signature of hidden blood in faeces. Patents for this technology have been granted in the US, Europe, Japan and China.

A second toilets detection health technologies has been granted in Europe and applications for this patent are pending in other countries. It allows effective analysis of the many components of faeces and the spatial distribution of blood traces. On the basis of this analysis, OutSense’s technology can identify the source of blood along the gastrointestinal tract.

A third patent is pending for a technology that detects the dehydrated composition of urine through the analysis of urine and faeces.

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According to OutSense CEO Yfat Scialom, who predicts that “with the explosion of digital medicine, this kind of monitoring will become the norm”, OutSense says that the technology already approved and pending approval will provide broad protection for a person’s health by non-invasively extracting faeces and hidden blood from the urine. Hidden blood is essential for detecting colorectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and urinary tract infections.

Its solution consists of a multispectral optical sensor, a light source and an autonomous screening device that includes a WiFi connection. The device scans human excrement, identifies the optical footprint of faecal and urine components, sends the data to an AI-based cloud analysis and then provides indications of various diseases with great precision.

OutSense has developed tools to diagnose abnormalities in human excreta. Information obtained from sampled blood, combined with additional analysis of the time from bleeding to excretion, provides details of the bleeding pathology. Its specific patterns can determine whether the bleeding is from a fissure or haemorrhoid, from a polyp, a tumour or from an ulcer.

At the beginning of June, OutSense announced that CommuniCare, a large healthcare company with more than 90 healthcare facilities in the US, will begin piloting its technology this year. In addition to this pilot, OutSense also plans to conduct clinical trials in Israel and Japan.

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