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VIGA tells you that the basin faucet below 100 yuan should be bought cautiously!

Most of the faucets below 100 yuan are unqualified, and the screw thread precision has great problems.

hutian Daily” teamed up with Wuhan Quality Supervision Bureau , who invited consumers as mystery customers to purchase bathroom faucets mixer and angle valves randomly in the Wuhan market. Recently, the test results were showed that  Among the 10 batches of faucets sent for inspection, 4 batches were unqualified, and the failure rate was 40%.

Among the 10 batches of angle valves, 1 batch was unqualified and the failure rate was 10%.

The problem is that the pipe thread accuracy is unqualified.

The product that was sent to the inspected office by consumers is the ceramic sheet sealing faucet (faucet) and angle valve that are purchased in the current home improvement project. The test results showed that the qualified batch rate was 60.0% in the 10 batches of ceramic sealing nozzles, and the qualified rate was 90.0% in the 10 batches of angle valves. The unqualified items detected by both products are not in compliance with the screw thread precision.

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According to the inspection expert, the pipe screw thread accuracy refers to the accuracy specification of the thread at the junction of the nozzle or angle valve and the water pipe. According to the national regulations, the pipe thread precision of the faucet shall comply with the provisions of GB18145-2014 “Ceramic plate sealing faucets”, wherein the external thread according to GB/T 7307-2001 shall not be lower than Class B accuracy.

If this item is unqualified, there may be a quality hazard in the sealing faucet, angle valve assembly and connection, or the installed faucet, the internal thread of the angle valve is damaged, or there is a small crack, which takes a long time or encounters. The impact of bad weather may cause the faucet and angle valve to rupture or fall off. Suddenly, a large amount of water will cause the home decoration to be immersed in water, causing greater property damage to consumers.

It is understood that the main reasons for the failure of the pipe thread are:

  1. a) For non-plated parts, the direct cause is that the precision of the used tool is not enough or the accuracy is not met by the use of the tool. The process is not controlled, and the necessary inspection of the tool is not performed;
  2. b) For the case that needs to be plated, the main reason is that the thickness of the plating layer is not well controlled, resulting in insufficient precision;
  3. c) Under-recognition, it is okay to think that the thread is loose, as long as you use more sealed raw material tape.

A copper faucet cost at least 100 yuan

The main raw material for a faucet (copper) is copper. As of March 27, 2017, the price of pure copper was around 46,000 yuan/ton. According to industry standards, a faucet uses about 500 grams of copper, so the cost of a faucet of light copper is around 30 yuan. If you count other auxiliary raw materials such as zinc alloy (about 24,000 yuan / ton), plus other components, labor, processing fees, freight, agency fees, water and electricity, etc., a normal copper faucet, direct manufacturing costs will not be low At 100 yuan.

First of all, the price of the products sampled by the Wuhan Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau is between 15 and 35 yuan, which is less than 100 yuan, and most of them have quality problems. In April 2016, the Suzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau reported a result of a faucet sampling test: 11 of the 50 batch samples sampled failed. Among them, among the 13 batches of products from 100 to 200 yuan, there were 4 batches with problems, accounting for 30.8%; among the 6 batches of products below 100 yuan, there were also 4 batches with problems, accounting for 66.7%. The results of the spot check showed that the lower the price, the more product quality problems.


Do not think that these low-priced inferior faucets have little effect, it may ruin your house.

  1. Mr. Yao of Zhijiang City purchased a batch of sanitaryfaucetsproducts for the renovation of new houses in the sanitary ware store. The faucet of the bathroom broke on May 12, causing the newly renovated house to be soaked in water for several days. The loss was nearly 20,000 yuan. After five months of negotiation and mediation, Mr. Yao finally received a compensation of 18,000 yuan from the faucet manufacturer in early November.
  2. unexpectedly, in August ,elbow-type metal faucet burst, resulting in a new renovation of Mr.zhang new house floor, wooden furniture, a large area of water, causing a certain loss. Afterwards, he repeatedly found faucet owner but without Compensation , and he complained to the industry and commerce department about defending rights.
  3. Mr. Sun of Xuzhou City reflected the new house he had just moved to. The faucet suddenly burst and the floor was soaked, causing heavy losses. At that time, because the manufacturer could not judge whether it was a human factor or a bad quality problem, the manufacturer did not promise to compensate.

Purchase reminder:

Experts suggest that when buying a washing basin faucet, the first thing to look at is whether the gilt plating surface is evenly glossy, and pay attention to defects such as peeling, cracking, charring, exposed bottom, peeling off, dark spots and obvious pitting. The sprayed surface should be fine, smooth and uniform, and there must be no defects such as sag and exposed bottom. The hand touches no burr and sand grain. The above defects will directly affect the service life of the faucet.

Whether The faucet will leaks,first the thread precision is the key

Secondly, the pipe thread precision is the guarantee for the reliable connection of the nozzle with the hose or pipe. When purchasing, it is necessary to visually inspect the thread surface for obvious defects such as dents and broken teeth. In particular, the screwing of the pipe thread and the connecting piece should be noted. The effective length will affect the reliability of the seal. Pay attention to the effective length of the pipe thread and the thickness of the thread when purchasing. It is recommended to select the thread with the wall thickness.

Finally, the faucet handle is turned, there is no excessive gap between the high-quality nozzle switches, the opening and closing is easy and unobstructed, and the slip is not slippery. The gap of the inferior faucet is larger and the resistance is stronger.

So,It is well known that when you buy inferior faucets, you are happy to bargain successfully,but it is not happy when you use it. Brand faucet is expensive, it is distressed when you give money! But it is happy every day when use it.and you will feels especially worthwhile!

Remember: Cheapest is the dearest.



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