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What Are The Feature Of Cartridge?

What is a faucet cartridge?

A faucet is mainly composed of three parts: main body, surface treatment and valve core. This article focuses on talking about the “heart” part of the faucet – the cartridge/valve core.

It is a device that controls the switch of the faucet and adjusts the flow rate and temperature of the water outlet. Simply put, it is the heart of the faucet.

I believe many people have encountered this situation:

The faucet at home has a problem of dripping after a long time of use, thinking that the handle is not tightly closed or the handle is loose, resulting in the dripping water that is not properly closed. In fact, the problem is often not with the handle, but with the aging of the cartrige hidden inside.

It can be said that the cartridge is an important basis for the quality evaluation of the faucet, and the quality of the cartridge can even be said to be the decisive factor affecting the service life of the faucet.

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Different material

According to the material, the cartridge available on the market include ceramic cartridge, stainless steel valve cores, and copper valve cores.

1.Ceramic cartdige

At present, the mainstream faucet on the market uses a ceramic cartridge, which refers to a ceramic sheet made of a highly wear-resistant ceramic material inside the cartridge. It does not mean that the entire valve core is made of ceramic material.

Ceramic cartridge. is has several advantage with wear resistance, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, not easy to rust, good sealing, long service life and less water pollution

2.Stainless steel Cartridge

The stainless steel cartridge. has higher technical content, and the price is higher than that of the ceramic cartridge, and it is not easy to be affected by impurities in the water. There is a large angle, which can accurately control the water temperature, ensure that the hot water flows out quickly, and save energy.

However, only some types of stainless steel materials (such as SUS304 and SUS316) have strong corrosion resistance, and the price of such materials is relatively high. create pollution.


3.Brass Cartridge

The copper cartridge. is the heaviest and most expensive cartridge., and has high requirements for copper quality. Bad copper is easy to rust, accumulate scale, and affect water quality

Cartidge using type

According to the function of use, the cartridge. can also be divided into various types and applied to different products.

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Why do manufacturers promise a five-year warranty on the Cartridge?

Generally, the bottom of the ceramic spool consists of three holes. Among them, two holes are used for hot and cold water in and out, and the remaining one hole is used for water out of the cartridge.. The hot and cold water inlet and outlet holes are equipped with sealing rings to ensure that they are in a sealed state with the main body. After the hot and cold water inlet braided tube is connected to the main body, it can ensure that the two holes of the hot and cold water channel and the valve core correspond one by one.

The cartridge.controls the water outlet by the movement of two ceramic pieces. With prolonged frictional use, the ceramic sheet may age and leak water.

After rigorous testing, the spool can still maintain its intact function within five years. At the same time, it is also recommended to replace the faucet after five years of use, which is healthier.


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