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What does bathroom hardware include?

1. Towel rack or towel bar

Towel bars can generally be divided into single bar, double bar, etc. The towel ring is usually installed next to the washstand to hang hand towels. The single rod under the towel rack is usually used to hang towels, and the upper layer always holds bath towels or clothes.

2. Hook

Bathroom hooks are generally single hooks, double hooks or row hooks, etc., which are used to hang clothes or cleaning tools such as cleaning brushes and bath balls.

3. Toilet paper holder

The design of the tissue holder should consider whether it is convenient or not, and also consider the waterproof problem. It is better to have a storage function on the top of the tissue holder, which can hold mobile phones or something.

4. Toilet brush

If the toilet brush holder is not hygienic or easy to clean on the ground, buy a wall-mounted toilet brush holder, which is clean and beautiful.

5. Shelf

The most common one should be a relatively large shelf, which can be installed in the shower area for shampoo, shower gel, etc. Depending on the location, the shape is different. There are simple rectangles or tripods, which can be installed in Corner.

6. Makeup mirror

Makeup mirrors are different from ordinary bathroom mirrors. One side is an ordinary mirror, and the other side can be enlarged to see your pores clearly. Girls can make up in the bathroom, which can be retracted and put back at different times without taking up space.

What are the materials of bathroom hardware?

The hardware pendants used in the bathroom are made of aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, 304 stainless steel, copper and so on. Pay attention to the damp bathroom when buying, choose stainless steel, preferably copper, not easy to rust.

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There are many bathroom accessories on the market. You can consider these three aspects when purchasing. First, it is suitable and easy to use. Second, consider the durability and durability of the pendant. Third, consider the style and style of the pendant. Many people buy it back only considering which space is richer and install it, and only find it inconvenient to use it. Therefore, the installation position of the bathroom accessories is also particular. Use the usual behaviors to sort out the trend and install the bathroom accessories reasonably. Towel rack, towel rack, towel ring Considering the need to waterproof the towel rack for changing clothes, generally the towel rack is installed on the other side of the hand shower, keeping a certain distance from the shower to prevent the towels from getting wet. The installation height is about 1.8 meters above the ground. Towel ring is generally installed next to the sink to hang hand towels and clothes hooks. Considering the waterproofness, it can be installed behind the bathroom door. If the bathroom is equipped with a shower room, it can also be installed on the outside of the shower room. The installation height is generally 1.7 meters. It depends on the height of the family members. The toilet paper holder is generally installed next to the toilet, where it is easy to reach by hand and not very obvious. The best installation height is 0.6 meters above the ground. Shelf The triangular shelf can be installed in the corner of the shower area near the shower for easy access to bath products. The vanity mirror is generally installed on the wall of the bath basin, with a height of about 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters. Whether the bathroom decoration is reasonable or not is directly related to the living experience and living hygiene conditions. The installation of bathroom accessories is an indispensable process in bathroom decoration. Especially for small apartments, the installation of bathroom accessories should consider the installation location from the aspects of hygiene, convenience, waterproofing and aesthetics to improve comfort and make life refined. Good taste.



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