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Turn on the faucet every morning.

Brushing teeth, washing face, boiling water for breakfast.

You probably never thought.

This water could be poisonous!

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Is it true that after reading this

Are cheap faucets no longer available?

We often hear experts say that using inferior quality faucets, the amount of lead in the overnight water may exceed the standard, which can cause damage to the human brain and nerves, especially infants and children, and may cause their physical and mental retardation and neurological damage.

What is the quality of the faucets on the market?

From online sales

Faucet materials, styles of different prices

From tens to hundreds of dollars.

Some foreign products even sell for thousands of dollars!

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Faucet prices vary so much

What’s in it for me?


The Lower The Price, The More Quality Problems With The Faucet!

The main raw material for a faucet (copper) is copper, and the price of pure copper is around 46,000 yuan/ton. According to industry standards, a faucet uses about 500 grams of copper, so that the cost of a faucet copper alone is about 30 yuan. If you count other auxiliary raw materials such as zinc alloy (24,000 yuan / ton or so), plus other components, labor, processing fees, freight, agency fees, utilities, etc., a normal copper taps, direct manufacturing costs will not be less than 100 yuan.

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Black-Hearted Enterprises Counterfeiting Trick More!

Some time ago, CCTV two sets of “economic half-hour” 3-15 special program reported a video, the report said, the test, some local part of the family workshop production faucet, zinc content exceeds the national standard 10 times, lead content exceeds the national standard 81 times.

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Raw Materials: the removal of copper in waste electrical appliances or scrap iron acquisition station blackened scrap copper with many unidentified metals.

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Production Process: the sand turning process, will produce a lot of dust pollution, workers will pour copper water into the mold, they work in the assembly line are almost not wearing masks. After rough processing, it goes into thousands of homes.

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Production Mode: the production mode of these faucet manufacturers is mostly a family workshop, with the first floor responsible for producing original parts and polishing, and the second floor for assembly. The production model of this area is mostly “self-produced part of the original, other to assemble other family’s main”.

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Factory: no need to hit the mark, as long as the customer is willing, according to the other side of the need to play at will.

Don’t think that these low-cost low-quality faucets have little impact, it may ruin your house.

-Mr. Yao bought a number of bathroom products in the bathroom store for the new house renovation, which bathroom faucet broke on May 12, resulting in the newly renovated house has not yet moved into the water soaked for several days, the loss of nearly 20,000 yuan.

-In the past few years, there have been a lot of people who have been in the market for a long time, and they’ve been trying to find a way to make a living.

-Mr. Sun of Xuzhou City, he just moved to a new house, because the faucet suddenly burst, the floor was soaked, the loss of a lot of money.


Cheap bathroom “water” more, you can only enjoy the momentary pleasure of paying to kill the price, but after buying home, you are no longer happy.

As the saying goes, “good expensive good expensive,” “good” in the first, “expensive” in the second.

It’s only expensive if it’s good, and it’s expensive because it’s good!”

Although cheap temptation, but the temptation behind the hidden behind a big hidden danger, often more than the loss.

Ordinary leakage, clogging, slow water are still small problems, the fear is a threat to life and property.

Poor-quality cheap bathroom downtown life, explosion injury, damage to property is also sometimes the case.


Additional Knowledge.

It’s A Habit We All Probably Have.

When you wake up in the morning and use water, you often turn on the tap to receive water to brush your teeth, wash your face, cook, or even drink tap water directly.

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 I Want To Give You A Reminder Today ↓↓↓↓

Overnight water from the tap the next morning is best not used directly for washing or boiling! Instead, turn the faucet on and drain the water for 1 to 3 minutes before using it normally. The overnight water can be collected to rinse the toilet, wash the mop, water the flowers, etc.

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Reason 1: Overnight Faucet Water May Harbor Legionella Bacteria, Which Can Cause Pneumonia.

Recent studies have confirmed that Legionella bacteria can be isolated from water samples in lakes, restaurants, hospitals, and water pipes in homes, and that overnight water from faucets is most likely to harbour Legionella bacteria. Once infected, a person is at high risk of developing Legionnaires’ pneumonia.

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Legionnaires’ Pneumonia

Legionnaires’ pneumonia is an infectious disease caused by Legionella pneumophila, which mainly manifests as pneumonia and may be combined with damage to other systems outside the lung. The number of cases of Legionnaires’ pneumonia is increasing in China and has become a common concern. Legionnaires’ pneumonia is the most serious form of atypical pneumonia, with a mortality rate of 45% without effective treatment.


Reason 2: Prolonged Consumption Of Overnight Water From Water Mains May Cause Lead Poisoning.

The tap water from overnight faucets and water pipes is still, and this water and metal pipe walls and faucet metal chambers will produce a hydration reaction, the formation of metal contaminated water, and tap water residual microorganisms will also multiply up, this water contains a large number of harmful substances to the human body.  If you use an inferior faucet, “overnight water” in the lead content will also seriously exceed the standard. Experts reminded that the pipe network from the water meter to the faucet, that is, the section of the water pipe after the water meter is paid for by the users themselves, to choose the right materials.



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