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The Rich Man’s Bathroom Looks Like This, Sure Enough Poverty Limits The Imagination!

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The bathroom is a functional area that we must use every day, I do not know if you have the feeling that in our daily lives we see the bathroom are similar, however, no comparison is not harmful to all of the San Francisco Bay Area, see people’s rich bathroom design, it is true that poverty limits the imagination, just look at the design can be faned.

Although poverty can always limit our imagination, but can not limit our pursuit of a better life, no more nonsense, or take a look at how people’s bathrooms are designed.

The bathroom and the outside world is separated by glass, so the lighting is very good, the air has been a good circulation, in the bathroom to wash bathing people feel very transparent, but also a good way to bring the natural landscape into the interior.

The bathroom of the transparent glass, open vision, large bathtub, in such a space is a kind of extravagant bathing, so luxurious atmosphere of the bathroom, no one does not like.

Bedroom with bathroom, not only makes life more convenient, but also more in line with the habits of urban young people, open transparent glass doors, appears more lightweight, decorative and stronger, there is a bathroom in the bedroom partners can learn from the design.



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