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What Else Can You Use for a Bathroom Ceiling Besides Aluminum Buckle?

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The bathroom as a space for showering and washing is generally more humid, so when doing the ceiling of this space, it will generally be moisture-proof in the first place, and inherently moisture-proof aluminum fasteners, naturally become the preferred solution for bathroom ceilings! Of course, there are other options for a ceiling suitable for a bathroom besides aluminum fasteners, and today, we’ll take a look at the ones that are suitable for a bathroom ceiling, and what they do.

I. Aluminum buckle plate ceiling

As a humid space, the bathroom ceiling plan, the lowest cost, is easy to construction and maintenance is aluminum buckle plate, visually simple and generous, cleanup and practical is also very convenient.

II. Carpentry ceiling

Most people’s impression of carpentry is that “fear of water”, in fact, with the right treatment, do the bathroom ceiling or can! With a relatively moisture-resistant material such as calcium silicate board/plasterboard as a ceiling base, then scraped with more waterproof exterior wall putty, then painted with waterproof latex paint, this woodworking ceiling can be used as a ceiling decoration scheme in the bathroom! The overall visual simplicity and unity, beautiful atmosphere with a sense of class.

III. Sauna board

Sauna board is also a relatively good moisture-proof material, and it is a unique solution to use it for the bathroom ceiling. But this kind of bathroom ceiling solution, not too good to install ceiling lights, generally not very recommended.

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