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Which is Healthier, the Squat or the Toilet? A Lot of People Pick the Wrong…

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With the prevalence of toilets in recent years, more and more home bathrooms are ditching squats and installing toilets. So whether the bathroom is installed squat pit or a good toilet?

1. Health aspects

When we are in the convenience, squatting toilet and our body will not have direct contact, thus also reducing the chance of disease transmission; toilet is the need for direct contact, which not only increases the chance of disease transmission, but also make our user heart discomfort.

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2. Price

The price of a squat toilet can be very affordable compared to a toilet.

3. Practical aspects

Practicality, then, the toilet is more comfortable, will not produce a long squat legs numbness phenomenon.

4. Functional aspects

A variety of toilet styles, functions have also added massage, scrubbing, heating functions, etc. successfully captured the hearts of users and attracted them to buy. While the squatting style is single and has a single function.

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Advantages of the toilet:

  1. For the elderly at home, the toilet is more practical, safe and do not have to worry about numb legs and fall down.
  2. Compared to squatting, toilets are more water-efficient and more convenient to install.

Disadvantages of the toilet:

  1. The price of the toilet is higher than the squat, and the maintenance cost is also relatively high.
  2. Toilets require direct contact, which not only increases the chance of disease transmission, but also makes our users feel uncomfortable and relatively unhygienic for squatting pits.

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Advantages of squatting pits:

  1. In the price, squatting pit is much cheaper than the toilet, maintenance is also very convenient, maintenance costs are also relatively low.
  2. Since ancient times, many people have become accustomed to squatting pits, which will not have direct contact, and are relatively more healthy and hygienic.

Small families, limited indoor area, if the squat pit is installed in the shower area can save the bathroom area, unlike the toilet also needs to take up a certain amount of space.

640 3 1Disadvantages of squat pits:

  1. It is more inconvenient for the elderly and children. Because when using the squat pit, the legs bear the weight, it is easy to occur leg numbness.
  2. The installation is complicated and troublesome. If you don’t have a sunken toilet, you need to raise the ground or dig a pit, which virtually increases the amount of work.

After understanding their advantages and disadvantages, we also need according to different household conditions and toilet habits, to choose.


011. Space utilization

Just from the perspective of space utilization, the toilet on the bathroom space layout will have a greater impact, and squat toilet then installed on the space impact is relatively small, for a relatively small area of the bathroom, squat toilet will be a relatively space-saving choice.

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▲ The squat toilet saves space, suitable for small bathroom.


022. Is there a sink

Different developers, in the building of the bathroom structure is also different, conscience point developers will do in the bathroom sink structure, so that there is enough position to install squat toilet or water storage bend, or even a wide range of toilet shifting, etc.; and the pit daddy point is the bathroom floor made flush with the floor, so that want to install squat toilet is not realistic, unless the squatting position of the ground significantly improved, and installed toilet to shift is also more difficult.

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▲ The next step is to make sure that you can get the best out of your squat toilet.


033. Toilet habits

The different people’s toilet habits, but also a family bathroom renovation of a consideration, so in our “design needs questionnaire” will have a “toilet habits: squatting pit / toilet” choice, which is to facilitate the designer in the design of the bathroom when the overall consideration and do.

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▲ This is to make it easier for the designers to consider all aspects when designing the bathroom.


044. Health and wellness

In the past, they were all toilets, but the cleaning lady couldn’t wipe them clean, and the paper towels had to be rolled up several times a day, so finally the property company couldn’t take it anymore and replaced them with squats.

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▲ In the end, the property company couldn’t take it anymore, so they replaced it with a squatting toilet.

The first time I saw this, I thought it would be a good idea to go to the bathroom, but I didn’t think it would be a good idea to go to the bathroom. Just to be safe, it’s not like you have to put a circle of paper towels on the side of the toilet or just step on the toilet, but the users themselves feel bad!

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▲The toilet used for skin diseases, I’m afraid to use it anyway.


055. Do you have frequent guests at home?

Frequent guests at home, if there are two bathrooms, it is best to install a squat toilet in the second bathroom, to make it easier for guests to use the toilet, especially when men urinate, waterfalls like scatter down, the toilet mouth and small, it is easy to urinate to the side of the toilet, think about all feel unclean ah!

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▲Please ask the men, have you ever peed on the side of the toilet?


066. Are there any special people in the house

Such as leg and foot inconvenience of the elderly, pregnant women, constipation and other special people, if there is only one bathroom at home, it is recommended to install a toilet is better point, squat toilet time is easy to feet numb, toilet sitting up to use, legs and feet will be relatively comfortable point.

▲ The company’s newest product is the “The New York Times”.


077. There are 2 bathrooms at home

To sum up, if there are 2 bathrooms at home, the best choice is to install a squat toilet, a toilet installed, so that no matter what the situation, is a more reasonable mix and choose.

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▲The home has 2 bathrooms, secondary bathroom installed squat toilet, the main bathroom installed bidet, very reasonable.



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