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Three Major Sanitary Ware Producing Areas Nan’an, Taizhou, Chaozhou Have Proposed to Build 100 Billion Industrial Clusters

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Recently, Chaozhou proposed to build hundreds of billions of ceramic industry cluster. Earlier, Nan’an and Taizhou also introduced the development plan of 100 billion industrial clusters. Chaozhou, Nan’an and Taizhou are all important production bases of sanitary ware products in China.

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Chaozhou: to build hundreds of billions of ceramic industry clusters

Recently, Chaozhou issued a “Chaozhou to build a hundred billion ceramic industry cluster action plan” to further promote Chaozhou ceramic industry bigger and stronger, and promote the ceramic industry scale, quality, focus on building a world-class advanced ceramic manufacturing industry cluster, and further polish the “Chinese porcelain” brand.

The program proposed that through 3-5 years of efforts, Chaozhou ceramic industry scale to further grow, the formation of a number of international and domestic influence of the leading backbone enterprises, and strive to the end of 2025 industrial output value of 100 billion yuan, the above-mentioned ceramic enterprises to reach 1000; industrial competitiveness to further enhance, Chaozhou ceramic production enterprises throughout the city to achieve basic automation and intelligence, the Internet + + technology applications are gradually spread, and strive to the end of 2025 ceramic enterprises provincial engineering technology research and development center to reach more than 50.


Nan’an: to build stone, plumbing kitchen and bathroom, machinery and equipment, daily light industry, electronic information, five hundred billion industrial clusters

In addition to Chaozhou, in 2014, Nan’an officially introduced to build stone, plumbing kitchen and bathroom, machinery and equipment three hundred billion industrial planning. Recently, on the basis of three hundred billion industrial planning, Southam put forward in the “fourteen five” period, Southam will build stone, plumbing kitchen and bathroom, machinery and equipment, daily light industry, electronic information and other five hundred billion industrial clusters, and strive to use 2-3 years stone, machinery and equipment industry breakthrough hundred billion, hit the “stone Bo Under the sky, plumbing ten thousand homes, machine building the world, daily use of the people, wisdom to lead the future, the core of the global” six industry cards. In the first half of this year, the planned output value of daily light industrial 18.665 billion yuan, an increase of 10.5% year-on-year, strong growth momentum, is expected to build Nan’an’s fourth largest 100 billion industrial clusters.


Taizhou: strive for smart toilet whole industrial chain total output value exceeds 100 billion yuan

In 2018, Taizhou City introduced the “Taizhou Smart Toilet Industry Cultivation Work Plan”, which provides a detailed time and route planning for the development of the smart toilet industry in Taizhou. Taizhou launched seven action plans, such as leading cultivation, quality improvement, innovation and development, industry chain optimization and upgrading, investment attraction, talent attraction, market expansion, etc., to break through the smart toilet industry development problems accurately and efficiently, and accelerate the industry to be bigger, stronger and better. According to the program, by 2023, the annual output of intelligent toilet in Taizhou will exceed 20 million units, the total output value of the whole industrial chain will exceed 100 billion yuan, and more than 10 enterprises will be above 1 billion yuan, among which more than 4 enterprises will be above 5 billion yuan, and we will strive for more than 5 enterprises to land on the capital market and become the “manufacturing capital” of Taizhou. One of the most innovative and dynamic multi-billion dollar industries.

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