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Which kind of floor drain is odor-proof?

The main function of the floor drain:
Odor-proof, anti-blocking, anti-mite, anti-virus, anti-backwater, anti-dry (mainly refers to water-sealed floor drain)
The quality of the floor drain is mainly reviewed from four angles: drainage speed, deodorization effect, easy cleaning, and no mechanical durability.1010

1. Traditional water seal floor drain
This kind of floor drain problem:
Advantages: It is cheap and widely used in the products of the hairy house builders.
Disadvantages: poor self-cleaning ability, easy to block, difficult to clean; slow drainage 47032000BN、470320A0BN


2, spring-type floor drain
Seal the seal at the lower end of the sealing core with a spring. When there is no water or water in the floor drain, the gasket is stretched upward by the spring, the pipe is closed, and the water in the local leak reaches a certain height. When the gravity of the water exceeds the spring force, the spring is pressed downward by the water, the gasket is opened, and the water is automatically drained.

This kind of floor drain problem:
Advantages: Deodorant effect is good before the spring fails
Disadvantages: (1) The spring is made of boron iron. The long-term contact with the sewage is very easy to rust, resulting in weakened elasticity and failure, and the service life is not long;
(2) The spring is easy to wrap around the hair, affecting the rebound of the gasket;
(3) The gasket is a mechanical structure and the sealing is not strict. Need to be cleaned or replaced frequently, otherwise it will not be deodorant.

47031102BN、47031202BN 1

3, gravity floor drain
Do not rely on water seals, magnets, springs and other external forces, the use of scientific mechanical reverse gravity principle, mechanical piston structure, the use of water flow gravity to automatically adjust the sealing cover opening and closing, to achieve the odor-resistant floor drain.
This kind of floor drain problem:
Advantages: Completely sealed for long lasting results.
Disadvantages: (1) The core cost is high.


4, the new water-sealed floor drain
Water seal floor drain is a long-term floor drain on the market!
The water seal floor drain is to use the bell or casing device in the water storage cavity to form an “N” shape or “U” type water storage curve. The water seal is used to isolate the odor and germs in the drainage pipe to achieve the deodorizing effect. Floor drain.
This kind of floor drain problem:
Advantages: Long-term use will not be bad, no mechanical principle, and good results.
Disadvantages: Stainless steel cores cost more.



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