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Why should the faucet focus on the development of stainless steel?

Faucet is a relatively simple sanitary hardware product, and it is also easy to be overlooked. In fact, the quality of faucet is not only related to the convenience and durability of use, but also related to health problems, because whether the amount of lead precipitation from the faucet exceeds the standard is Drinking water safety is very important. At present, there are many types of faucets sold in the building materials market and on the Internet. Therefore, you must purchase safe faucets with quality assurance, so that the whole family can enjoy safe drinking water.

Industry insiders believe that the water head industry has gone through three stages of cast iron faucet, copper faucet, and copper electroplated faucet, but it has never found a way to reduce the lead content. Currently on the market, some faucet companies use recycled copper, zinc alloy water fittings, and glue products in violation of regulations. The excessive lead content is very serious. Consumers must pay special attention when purchasing. Choosing healthy and safe faucet products mainly depends on the precipitation of heavy metals, especially lead-containing substances in the product.

Normally, the lead content in the castings of ordinary faucets is between 3%-8%. If the faucet is used for a long time, the lead and other metallic substances inside may be released into the water. Drinking water that contains too much lead can cause lead damage, which will not only affect the intellectual growth of the drinker, but also seriously affect the physical health, and the impact on children will be even greater. Relevant data show that severe lead pollution often endangers human reproductive ability, kidney function and nervous system.

With the development of science and technology and manufacturing technology, it is possible to use stainless steel to make faucets. Stainless steel is an internationally recognized healthy material. It does not contain lead, is acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and does not release harmful substances. Therefore, the use of stainless steel faucets can ensure human health and hygiene.

The manufacturing process of stainless steel faucets has gradually matured in China, both in production and in grade, and have been greatly improved. It is understood that although the current share of the domestic market is small, it is because of its health, environmental protection, durability and other characteristics, it has become more and more popular among consumers in recent years, and gradually grabs the market share of copper faucets. Stainless steel faucets have become The development trend of bathroom hardware industry. At present, 95% of faucets at home and abroad are electroplated with copper. Stainless steel faucets are now becoming popular, which is a new trend in the market.

The development potential of stainless steel faucet is huge, but investment is also difficult

Choosing the faucet as an entrepreneurial project undoubtedly sees the potential of the Chinese bathroom hardware market. Because the precipitation of heavy metals in faucets has always been one of the primary problems that plagued the industry, stainless steel as the best solution to this problem has always attracted the attention of the industry, but no company has been able to perfectly solve the problem of stainless steel faucet production. The difficulty and high cost of stainless steel faucet production have discouraged most manufacturers. A well-known local company in Taizhou also tried, but chose to give up after a year of investment and nothing.



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