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Faucet company does three things to help rural market take off

For all rural consumers, the nearest faucet dealer is their most trustworthy advisor, good helper.
When the faucet enterprise is in rapid development stage, the competition between enterprises is becoming more and more fierce, many large brands are actively transforming, such as Kohler to open the suburban county and district-level city engineering business innovation, the implementation of the “system 1 11 1” mode, which is the signal to the second and third tier cities. The countryside faucet dealers, is the welfare, but to do well, have to have a method. Grasp the three things to build their own “differentiated competitiveness”, you can live well.

The first one: find a good product

For all rural consumers, the nearest faucet dealer is their most trustworthy good advisor, good helper. To help users with a series of differentiated good products, is the faucet dealers “duty” and “instinct”. This is also the rural dealers and big chains, big e-commerce positive competition with the biggest backing.

All along, rural dealers choose the main sales and push the main faucet products, there is only one standard, different types of square meters according to the calculation. Today, with the electric business, chain of big steps to the countryside, into the village, and the Internet to sweep the urban-rural divide and bring the product information, price information tends to be transparent. Rural dealers in the past “to series, square selection of the main products” business ideas, we must change and give up. To meet the current rural consumer demand for quality, branding, and “high-end and cost-effective” polarization trend.

On the one hand, to choose cost-effective faucet products, that has a certain brand awareness, but more importantly, reliable product quality, to really meet the current large number of 80s and 90s town youth demand. On the other hand, it is to choose big brands, foreign brands of high-end new products and boutique, to dare to push high-end, sell boutique, absolutely can not stay in the past experience and ideas.

Eventually on the product, rural dealers should promote from 1.0 era of selling fake and shoddy products to make money, to 2.0 era of selling small and medium brands to make money, to 3.0 era of selling big brand high-end money, continuous upgrading.

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The second piece: providing services

Can’t compare prices and promotions with e-commerce and chain stores in the countryside dealers, in the end, what else can they do to meet the challenges of the giant? Obviously, there is only one way to die, we must set off a “curve to save themselves” new battle.

In the past, there was a saying that “a strong dragon cannot fight a snake in the ground”. For rural consumers, whether it is electricity, or chains, are “foreigners”, only around the rural dealers are “people around”, you can trust more not to worry about being cheated.

Rural dealers in the unpredictable Internet era, the biggest capital and weapon is the “integrity” of the people around them, “trust” at home. In this case, rural dealers must come up with “real work”, that is, rely on their usual sincere service, frankness, as well as rapid response and other service capabilities, to tamp the relationship with the user, and continue to win the trust of users.

Service, is the perfect means to consolidate the position of home stores. In terms of faucet, it is an important part of home decoration, as a consumable, also has a short life requirements, so in the purchase of faucet, consumers for the product’s pre-sale experience, after-sales service and installation of extreme importance, and this is precisely the power of e-commerce platform can not reach the biggest short board. Based on the long-term perspective, faucet enterprises to continue to maintain the competitiveness of offline channels, must play a service advantage, with quality pre-sales experience to grasp more market share, and at the same time to improve and enhance the delivery, installation and product maintenance and other after-sales service, to create a good sales reputation, with the added value of service to fill and the price gap between the e-commerce platform.

The third piece: do dense promotion

When the faucet promotions flying around, many rural dealers the most painful thing is, do not engage in activities shop completely no sales, engaged in activities after suffering from dependence and sequelae, but the effect is getting worse.

Faucet promotions in recent years, is not a terminal promotion just low-cost shipping. In the face of electricians, chains, and even faucet manufacturers, basically a month or even half a month of countryside promotion, selling goods out of low-priced products. For rural dealers, for years and months to plow the first-line market, it is through the promotion of activities, closely woven network of contacts, get through the user network, the establishment of information networks in the golden period.

The core of the promotion is not to sell goods at low prices, but the output of the brand, to build a star product, release the strength of the store and the content of the activities; to be based on local social relations and connections, through the outdoor front door, banners, wall ads, leaflets, posters and other media, to promote the main faucet new products and boutique, while building business in the local brand and status. To fight a beautiful marketing war.

In the face of e-commerce, chains in the rural market, a series of marketing and branding, rural dealers to dare to fight back: to launch a tit-for-tat attack. First, dealers in the local market to increase the density of promotion, low-cost advertising to cover all villages and village entrance; on the other hand, the frequency of terminal promotion should also increase, to regularly through the caravan and other ways, village parade, both to publicize the product and promote the brand.

On the whole, since we have chosen to stick to it. Faucet development prospects are considerable, rural dealers to believe that they can do well, as long as they adhere to the above three things, combined with the actual situation of continuous innovation, in order to overcome the stability of the breakthrough in the market, to win the future.



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