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7 Kinds Of Bathroom Products Included In The National Sampling Plan, Sampling Efforts Have Four Changes

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March 29, the General Administration of Market Regulation announced the “2021 product quality national supervision and sampling plan”. Among them, 19 kinds of construction and decoration materials, including intelligent toilets, ceramic toilets, ceramic tile seal spout, shower with shower, household stainless steel sink, bathroom furniture, non-contact spout 7 kinds of bathroom products.


According to the General Administration of Market Supervision announced 2020 bathroom products sampling results show that the 2020 sampling of 75 batches of intelligent toilet products produced by 75 enterprises in 10 provinces (cities), of which 2 batches of products failed, the failure rate of 2.7%. Sampling of 13 provinces (cities) 200 enterprises produced 200 batches of ceramic toilet products, of which 28 batches of products failed, the failure rate of 14.0%. Sampling of 8 provinces (cities) 99 enterprises produced 100 batches of sanitary ware hose products, of which 14 batches of products failed, the failure rate of 14.0%. It is reported that this year, the General Administration of Market Supervision sampling work will be in four areas to increase efforts. First, highlight the circulation of sampling, significantly increase the proportion of sampling in circulation, a total of 61 kinds of products in the circulation of sampling. Second, highlighting the people’s livelihood products sampling, livelihood consumption-related products, a total of 111 kinds of products, accounting for 81% of the total number of sampling categories. Third, highlighting the “one old and one small” product sampling, full service children, students, the elderly and other special groups of living and learning needs, 8 kinds of children’s student products, 4 kinds of elderly products into the sampling plan. Fourth, highlighting the national joint sampling, focusing on the national market supervision synergy, for important products, in industrial zones and other key areas, to carry out national joint sampling.



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