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A pull-down kitchen mixer can be your good helper.

As we all know, the faucet in the cooking area occupies a critical position in daily life. It is directly connected with our food, tableware, etc., and the water from the inferior faucet will have a stench. Therefore, the seemingly inconspicuous faucet, do not buy cheap and inferior in order to save money.

At present, the market’s pull-down faucets are becoming more and more popular. It has two modes: column effluent and jet effluent. It can be easily converted at the top button of the shower. It can pull 1.5-meter-long stainless steel hose. Reach any place the user needs.

1. Convenience

We all know that the traditional faucet outlet is fixed. It is very inconvenient to use a relatively large object to receive water. For example, basins, buckets, etc., but the pull-down faucet properly solves this problem.

2. Humanization

The pull-down faucet pulls up to 1.5 meters of stainless steel hose from the nozzle position for a 360 degree rotation. The spout can easily reach where you need to wash or use water. Whether you want to add water or dish washing, the water can be easily reached. If you want to wash it, you can change the shower water and the faucet water with ease, and easily solve the problem in the kitchen. Any problem.

3.Easy to clean

Due to the cooking habits of people, the kitchen has a large amount of oil fumes, so the faucet is easily stained with oil and water stains, and after repeated cleaning, the surface of the faucet is easily tarnished. However, the pull-down faucet will not have such a problem. The special coating treatment technology is adopted, and the cleaning agent is brushed without fading, non-corrosive, easy to stick to oil, easy to clean and wear-resistant.

4. Durability

Professionals say that the durability of the faucet depends mainly on the surface treatment process. It is tested in an acidic high temperature environment with a pH of nearly 3, and it is intact for more than 4 hours, indicating that the surface treatment process is very hard, and the pull-down faucet meets this standard.

5. Environmental protection

The environmental protection of the faucet is manifested in the lead content in the water, which is mainly caused by the water body washing the water channel. The low-temperature welding process between the copper inlet pipe and the faucet body is used to maintain high strength and special welding materials, which do not contain cadmium and effectively prevent harmful metals.

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