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Alert! Shanghai Found A Faucet With More Than 1 Times The Standard Of Lead Segregation

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On October 13, the Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau public announced that the Bureau recently conducted a market inspection and quality sampling of 50 batches of water spouts and showers sold on three online trading platforms: 1 shop, Tmall, Jingdong Mall. After experience, 8 batches of products failed, with a failure detection rate of 16%. The unqualified items involve the precision of pipe threads, surface corrosion resistance, flow rate, water efficiency level, corrosion resistance and other aspects, and one batch of products was found to have exceeded the statistical value of lead precipitation, which is a potential safety hazard.

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Statistical Value Of Lead Segregation Exceeded The Standard By More Than One Times.

According to the report, among the 8 batches of unqualified products detected, there are 3 batches of faucets that failed the precision of pipe threads, 4 batches that failed the surface corrosion resistance, 2 batches that failed the flow rate, 1 batch of spouts that failed the water efficiency grade, 1 batch that failed the limit value, 1 batch that failed the statistical value of lead precipitation (Q) in metal contaminants precipitation. For showerheads, 1 batch of pipe thread accuracy and flow rate failed, 2 batches of anti-siphon performance failed, 2 batches of corrosion resistance failed.

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Ltd.” sold on Tmall.com, and the products marked as “Berry Runxing (Beijing) Technology Development Co. “submarine” brand submarine elegant basin faucet (specification model: L5011; production date or batch number: 2019.12.27), metal pollutants in the lead precipitation statistics (Q) measured at 12μg / L (standard requirements ≤ 5μg / L), and standard requirements do not match.

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It is understood that most of the faucet material is copper alloy, containing traces of lead. Lead in the encounter air will oxidize, forming a protective film, encounter water, this protective film will fall off, so that the lead into the water, causing lead precipitation. Long-term consumption of tap water containing lead is likely to cause damage to the brain and nervous system. Therefore, China’s current GB18145-2014 “ceramic chip sealed water spout” mandatory standards for the spout of metal pollutants precipitation made a limit on lead, antimony, arsenic, barium and other 17 kinds of metal precipitates made a limit.


Faucet Metal Precipitates Exceeds The Standard Sometimes Happens!

Before the implementation of the “Ceramic Seal Sheet Spout” in December 2014, in the national and local quality sampling, often detect the faucet metal precipitation exceeds the standard. For example, in 2014, the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision sampled 15 batches of water spouts, all of which failed, and all of which involved metal precipitation exceeding the standard. Earlier, the situation was more frequent and more serious, such as in 2013, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce sampling 61 batches of water spouts, it was found that 39 batches of lead precipitation exceeded the standard, individual batches of lead precipitation statistics 166 times the standard value.

After 2014, the number of faucets found to have exceeded the metal precipitation standard in quality sampling has been relatively reduced. If there are still faucets that have been detected with metal precipitation exceeding the standard, they are all relatively high-profile events. For example, in 2017, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce sampled 25 batches of faucets produced by 14 companies and found that 14 batches failed, of which 5 batches exceeded the heavy metal limit. This quality sampling caught the attention of CCTV and was reported on CCTV13 program “Weekly Quality Report”.

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Therefore, the Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau of sampling found that the faucet metal precipitation exceeded the standard, it is still worth the attention of all practitioners of the sanitary industry. As an enterprise, production should strictly abide by the ceramic plate sealing spout “and other national mandatory standards, and as a basis to provide consumers with peace of mind, reliable products. It is worth mentioning that, the faucet production of another heavy standard – GB 25501-2019 “water spout water efficiency limit value and water efficiency level” will also be implemented on January 1, 2021, when the faucet products into the market threshold will be further increased.


CCTV: This Selection Of Quality Faucets

In addition to the metal precipitation exceeds the standard, in recent years, a number of quality sampling, spout products have been found in a variety of problems. Some products pipe thread accuracy unqualified, easy to cause leakage; some products are easy to erode the surface, which can lead to rust or spots; some products are also unqualified flow rate, easy to cause too much or too little water. As a consumer, how should we choose a quality faucet? Recently, CCTV’s public number CCTV life circle made a share in this regard.


1, Copper Alloy Faucet Material

Features: stainless, durable, antioxidant, sterilization of water. Disadvantages: contains lead! Therefore, it is best to choose a regular brand when buying, in order to ensure that the lead content does not exceed 5μg / L health standards.

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2, Stainless Steel Faucet

Features: high hardness, toughness, no rust, no lead, the faucet itself will not produce secondary pollution of water. Disadvantages: the stainless steel faucet in the manufacturing process is more difficult, so the price is more expensive than other faucet materials.

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In addition, CCTV also reminded the circle of life, the purchase of faucets is also a very important point, is to ask the business to the national quality inspection department issued by the product certification, so as to rule out low-quality, counterfeit faucet products.

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Source: Shanghai Market Regulatory Bureau public, CCTV circle of life, etc.



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