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Attention Those Going To Vietnam To Build Factories! Vietnam Introduces Strict New Investment Rules For Sanitary Ceramic Plants

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On 17 September, the Ministry of Construction issued an official document on the implementation of the Strategy for the Development of Construction Materials in Vietnam 2021-2030. Previously, the country’s Prime Minister issued Decision No. 1266/ QD-TTg on 18 August 2020, approving the Vietnam Building Materials Development Strategy 2021-2030.

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The overall goal of the strategy is to develop Vietnam’s building materials manufacturing industry to an advanced and modern international level. At the same time, competitive high value-added products will be exported in the international market.

For example, for the sanitary ceramics industry, new investments are allowed only on large production lines, and by 2025, all plants with outdated technology will have to make intensive investments in technology and equipment upgrades to increase output.

For the cement industry, from early 2021, new investments will only be allowed in one cement line with a capacity of 5,000 tonnes of clinker per day and will need to meet technical and environmental targets.

The architectural glass industry will limit investment in new float glass plants; focusing on the production of high-quality products, energy-efficient glass, ultra-thin glass, photovoltaic glass, and so on.



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